Renovated Sorrento Building Looking Good at 18th and Kalorama Rd, NW

This building was renovated by Jubilee Housing and they explained their projects here. Their Web site says:

“Jubilee Housing is a faith based non-profit organization founded in 1973 to provide affordable housing and supportive services to economically disadvantaged residents of the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington, DC.”

We also had a lot of discussion about the project here.

This was what the building looked like in Dec. ’09:

Do you like the way it turned out?

You can see a few more shots of the renovated building after the jump.

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  • I walked by there the other day and I could hardly believe my eyes. It is BEAUTIFUL. We still see old, pretty buildings being painted over, presumably to look sleeker and less dowdy, but the Sorrento is an object lesson in what a huge mistake that can be.

  • I can’t get over how great the facade looks, after being covered in paint for so long. Until I saw it up close, I assumed they had stripped it and re-bricked the entire thing.

  • Looks great! Painting quality brickwork proves that some peoples taste is only in their mouth. Look at Chloe or District whatever it is. Amazing roman brick work painted silver. Trash.

  • What happened to all the outrage that was out there when this project started? Stupid hippies.

    • Most people don’t really care, one way or the other. They just like to refocus their anger and frustration from elsewhere in life on blog post comment areas.

  • This project was way too expensive but I gotta say the building looks gorgeous. I’m surprised.

  • Wow! I guess I was wrong when I thought all affordable housing projects would like like crap!

  • They did a very nice job, indeed. Let’s hope the tenants and the property managers keep it in good shape, and that this is an affordable housing success story.

  • Wanted everyone to knows the exterior restoration work on the Sorrento was done by Maxmore-Hill Restoration Inc who is based out of Baltimore Md. They specialize in historical facades restoration as well as stone, metal and replication of the old wood windows. I have to say the building looks AWESOME !!!!!!!!

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