Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Revel: Derby deck

    Rant: The usual – habitually rude, peevish, insulting PoP commentators.

  • Revel: Derby Deck
    Rant: MJ

    (hee hee)

  • Rant: Monday.
    Rant: Came out to my car to find a police officer writing me a ticket – I was parked in a 7am-4:30pm no parking zone, and it was 6:45am. I told him this, and he proceeded to walk me down to the OTHER END of the block to show me a sign that said no parking, except sundays. Really, asshole? How about you get someone to put a sign up instead of giving me a ticket. There were curb cuts between that sign and where I parked my car, including other signs that did NOT say no parking.
    Rant: Now have to appeal this crap.
    Rant: Cockroach in the office.
    Rant: Airhammering going on on the roof.
    Rant: Didn’t get the job.
    Rant rant rant rant. I hate today.

    Rave: Got an awesome awesome costume for a halloween party this weekend – gonna be a creepy bloody ghost and I’m excited to not have a slutty costume. Does that mean I’m growing up? Ugh.

    • The ticket sucks – do contest – meanwhile, you don’t have cholera. . .

    • Not having a slutty costume is a big mistake. You’ll see.

      • Victoria, how glad I am that I don’t have cholera. There’s a silver lining in everything 🙂

        meh, my boyfriend of 2+ years is coming with, so I think that’s when slutty goes out the window. It’s an easily rippable costume, so I can always slut it up halfway through the night, if need be 😀

  • Rant: Went to the Brass Knob/Back Door Warehouse. Sorry to hear that it is closing but when you are browsing in a busy 2 story store and there are no prices marked and you are trying to decide between a piece of ornamental iron railing or a pair of shutters or some corbels or an interesting iron thingy, having to find and ask thye owner for the price each time is a bit frustrating. So I left.

    Rave: The weather! DC in the autumn is the best!

    • My wife and I talked to one of their sales guys. They weren’t $12k/month in rent for that POS building.

    • The warehouse is so worth the wait, though – I got awesome transom windows that were exactly the right size for only $20 each! I hope to get back to do some more digging before they close their doors.

  • Rant: squirrel in the ceiling. $300-500 minimum to address the situation.

    Query: anyone know how to get mothballs into the space between the ceiling of the 1st level and the floor of the second?

    • Don’t pay. Just wait until he comes out and quickly seal the hole he uses to get in.

    • Put a hole in the ceiling?

      3/4″ drill bit and some Spackle

    • Problem is, I have no idea how he got in. Or if he’s still there. I’m afraid I have a teeny hole around the eaves or soemthing, and that he came in way up there, then climbed down through the walls. Critter Control (they of the $300-500 estimate) claims that squirrels reproduce in the fall, and that I have a good chance of hosting a nesting mama for the winter.

      • Ooh! I just remembered that the previous owners, neanderthals that they were, drilled holes in the hardwood floors in the bedrooms to run cable. Maybe I could get the mothballs into the interspace through those.

      • Before you pay Critter Control anything (although they were nice), I’d recommend asking a contractor to take a look around your eaves.

        We ended up paying almost $500 to have a Critter Control guy shoo pigeons out of our attic and put a crappy bit of flimsy screen over the gap that they came in. Their traps failed every day for more than two weeks.

        The whole trapping and releasing the animals sounds nice, but honestly, just make a bunch of loud noise and have someone waiting on the other side to seal the hole once the critter’s are out.

  • Rave: Matt & Kim show this weekend was awesome!

    Rant: Trying to find a new and nice(ish) place to live seems a lot harder than normal. When did craigslist become a dumping ground for 3-5k commercial ads for penthouse apartments?

  • Rave: Got a PoP shirt today!
    Rant: Got told I was a gentrifier and need to leave the neighborhood. (Passive-aggressive punk just kept walking too)

    • You should have replied “Oh you fancy huh, Oh you fancy huh” At least he didn’t shoot you. Children these days…

  • raves: cheese steak special, jay cutler not playing for the redskins.

    rant: my bike sucks.

    • another rave: seriously considering round two with the cheese steak special.

    • What’s wrong with it? If it needs a tune-up,this Sat is the last weekend for the free farmer’s market bike clinics. Do a search on here for the flyer with locations and times.

  • Rave: Glorious weekend, ready for autumn. Time to fire up the fireplace!
    Rant: Trip to the impound lot. Wasn’t so bad after all, they were really polite about towing my car from a zone that the street sweeper never even came through.

  • Rant: You know those windows that can fold down for easy cleaning? They can also unexpectedly leap out of the frame, crash down and slam you on the nose like a frigging guillotine/meteorite/evil machine thing when you are trying to shut them.

    Rave: nose doesn’t seem to be actually broken. . . Not quite as crunchy as the last 2 breaks, but black eyes are brewing and I’m supremely annoyed.

  • RAVE: All of the ARCs I just got from Book Buzz!

    RANT: Carrying them.

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