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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rave: Great weather for a weekend in the city, changing leaves, sun and pumpkins appearing everywhere.
    Rant: Creeping bronchial crud still hanging in there.

  • Rant: Memories of the bike thief in our alley, has nabbed at least 4 bikes now from our block.

    Rave: At least I have multiple photos of the guy in action!

    • Were they locked? Properly? I’ve seen lots of folks get bikes nabbed from porches and back yards because they didn’t think they’d get messed with.

      And if you have photos you should post flyers around the neighborhood to keep an eye out for him.

      • Yes indeed, considering posting photos or at least leaving at the mailbox of all nearby houses. The crook will be able to tell who took the photo so I am tad fearful of reprisal should he be made aware of it. Better plan, plant a bait bike and arrest this punk and his crooked stolen-bike-peddling friends…

    • Can tell us which block or area?

    • Rant: Bike thieves in alleys are a theme of the weekend. Mine got taken–from the garage–in the alley at 14th and R. You close by? If anyone sees a Red Klein Q Carbon Team, give me a shout (and give the rider a push, because mine is the only one around). You can get in touch/see more details here: http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/doc/laf/2011984506.html

      • You might want to describe yourself in case you get your bike back. Otherwise, people will be pushing you off your bike all day!l

        • Ha, good point, TaylorStreetMan. If I get it back, I’ll be mellow with a push or two before I can get the word out. You can generally tell me by the red/white/blue helmet, though.

  • Rant: hitting the road for a two week work trip.
    Rave: checking PoP for the first time on my smartphone, and I’m quite impressed with the mobile site! Nice work, PoP.

  • Did anyone else hear about the tragedy at the DPW lot last week? I somehow missed it in the Post, and only learned that two men had been shot (one killed) on DPW property when I called 311 to find out why they had missed two trash pick-ups.
    I haven’t seen anything new about it in the news, so don’t know if the shooter has been caught.
    So, rant: goddamn gunslinging thugs who shoot law-abiding people just trying to do the work that, to quote Mike Rowe, makes civilized life possible for the rest of us, and then get away with it.

  • Rave: great weekend. Gorgeous weather & good football.

    Rant: Having trouble finding decently-priced dog-friendly apartment buildings. Any recommendations?

    • What are you looking for specifically? Big managed buildings always try to screw over tenants with dogs by charging them outrageous fees, if they allow the dogs at all. You’re better off looking for an individual who’s renting out a floor of their rowhouse, as they tend to be more flexible about pets. They are lots of decently priced apartments like this on Capitol Hill (and it’s a dog friendly place in general).

    • Sometimes landlords say no pets, but are willing to be flexible. My lease was no pets, but when I went to my landlord and asked, she was amenable to me having a dog, as long as I paid $50 a month in “dog rent,” which is allowed in DC.

    • If you’re having no luck with big management apartments I would second the advise to look for part of a row home on The Hill. I know when we were looking there were plenty out there, basements in particular.

  • Rant: MPD driving around while talking on their cell phones. I am sick and tired of driving around or walking and seeing MPD blatantly talking on their personal cell phones while driving.

    • Totally second this frustration. I wonder if there is some exception for them … though, even if not, who exactly would pull THEM over?

      • supposedly, it’s OK for them if they are on ‘official’ business. so, of course, EVERY call they make while driving around is official, right? sure it is, just ask them….

    • MPD officers are permitted to talk while driving for official business.

      Cell phones are extremely helpful while on the job allowing officers to not have to compete with heavy radio traffic. They also may be following up on leads, conducting outreach (officers in our area hand out cards all the time) or getting records checks back from dispatch (which can be hard to hear over an outdated radio system).

      You can listen to MPD’s radio traffic for free on the internet and see the volume of calls they have to deal with, and judge the clarity for yourself. Heck, there’s even an iphone app.

      You wouldn’t believe how much time is spent during a shift on the phone or on the radio, it is just the nature of modern policing.

      I notice a lot of people don’t like it, but wonder why? It is within the law…do they want the law changed so that MPD officers are no longer permitted to use cell phones while driving for official business? Or do they have some proof that they are not being used for official business? (if so they should report that officer to the district commander)

      Or are they just mad because they can’t use their own cell phone while driving?

      I don’t get why people are upset.

      • Most people don’t like it when a law is created taking away a privilege. If you sell it as “for everyone’s safety”, they’ll get over it eventually.

        However, if you exempt a class of people from that law, most people want to know why one group got special treatment. That question amplifies if the main justification for removing the privilege was “safety”. Safety should apply universally. Either it’s safe or it’s not.

        Is a police officer “more safe” with a cell phone than an average person? Maybe, maybe not. Distracted driving is a human problem concerned with brain function and the ability to multitask to avoid danger. There’s no special training for it. One could argue that a cop on cell phone is just as dangerous as an above average citizen on a cell phone.

        Then there are just people who think cops should hold themselves to the standard that they are tasked to enforce.

        …and there are people who just dislike law enforcement people in general and look for any opportunity to complain about their actions.

  • Rave: Skins. The O and D line’s got pushed around a bit, and Donovan made crappy decisions when it counted, but to come within a score of the Colts is pretty impressive given where they’ve been the past 10 years. Kudos.

  • Rave: Security deposit from last residence arrived this weekend. Nice chunk o’ change. Also went to Cinematic Titanic (MST3K live!) on Friday at the Lisner and loved it. Joel and the gang were great and they picked a particularly painful Japanese film to destroy. Wonderful!
    Rant: Horrible insomnia has me operating on about 2 hours of sleep and I’m battling serious mental fog at work today.

  • Rave: cooked my little butt off yesterday
    Rave: not too cold yet
    Rave: work is busy but that means I’m not bored
    Rave: my guy … getting close to five months now and going strong!
    Rave: no rants today!!

  • Rant: Boyfriend lost job
    Rant: I hope it doesn’t take long for him to find a new one.
    Rave: I love the fall its my absolute favorite season
    Rave: I am almost done completing a body of work for art show in January.

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