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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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  • I just walked around Adams Morgan looking for lunch. I walked into Pitazzi and decided to get some of their “Home Made” soup to go. While they were bagging it up I noticed a giant can of Campbells Tomato soup in the back – the soup of the day – Tomato of course. Doesn’t taste home made at all. Also saw a sign on the 42 Bus shelter on 18th & Columbia listing restaurants nearby, last on the list was Pasta Mia featuring “Home Made” pasta. I know that is total BS – stop lying people!!! I feel ripped off.

  • Rave: Rode my bike to work for the second time this week- I love this weather!
    Rave: Rode on the MBT for the first time and didn’t get harrassed or doused in urine
    Rant: The MBT is confusing around the Greyhound station. I went through a gate and there were only stairs; then turned around and went through a ramp and couldn’t find the trail again. The trail needs more handy signs around there!
    Rave: The rest of the trail was pretty well marked!

  • Rave: Excellent job interview last night.

    Rant: Waiting to hear from them and worrying that the other candidates did better than me.

  • Rant: Hospitals.

    Rave: Out of the hospital.

  • Rant: Maryland Drivers and their ongoing killing spree

    Rave: Italian Store Sub hitting my belly

  • rant: I am feeling blah and I have a headache

  • Rave: Curbside Cookoff is a huge success for all the food carts downtown

    Rant: 75 minute lines do not improve the food.

    Rave: Coconut Everything! Water, shrimp, cupcakes, ice cream. Coconut 4 life.

  • Five Guys threw in a big handful of fries with my burger. I didn’t order fries. And I didn’t even tell them it was my birthday!

  • Rave: Hopefully will finish today a project for the nastiest client I’ve ever dealt with, who has made my whole week (and the last 10 months) a nightmare. So unnecessarily condescending(and not even that bright)!

    Rant: It’s probably not the last I’ll see of him . . .

    • So, K, if I happen to be the “nastiest client” who happen to check PoP out, knowing the 10 month old project that you are on is ending today, and I know I could be taken for a condescending jerk from my contractors, I will make sure this will be the last I will see you K

      • Well, you certainly fit the not very bright part…

        • Reader, thanks for your meaningless comment? You are so smart!

          • Thank you Anonymous! If you really ‘are’ my nastiest client, then let me get a couple of things off my chest: nobody thinks you are as important as you think you are. Also, I think you’re an idiot.


            Not sure why you felt the need to be even bigger of a jerk than my client, first time venting on PoP, and guess it will be my last. But whatever floats your boat, Anon. I’m going to have a GREAT weekend!

          • Well Anonymous, I would like to think that my post was somewhat meaningful, but perhaps it wasn’t for you.

            The numerous errors in your first post indicated that you aren’t so bright at all.

            In fact, combining the first post with your second, it’s pretty clear that’s you’re a fucking idiot, and barely literate at that.

          • Of course I said that’s instead of that. Not so literate myself, I guess.

  • Rant: Have to move out of my current neighborhood, which I LOVE because I can no longer afford the rent

    Rave: My new neighborhood is home to Cactus Cantina, yummmmmy

  • raves: 3 day weekend (with activities including canning, running, drinks with friends, and long walks in lovely weather) coming up! The police were really friendly and helpful when I went to the station for a visitor parking pass! And my difficult client was actually quite pleasant on the phone todday!

    rants: I couldn’t qualify for a mortgage so I’m going to have to let the awesome and affordable unit in my building pass me by. And last night I was awakened by the cat GROOMING MY HEAD. Wtf? I’ve had her over a year and this has never happened before.

  • Rant: Yellow Cab — waited for over an HOUR. I had put in a reservation online the day before. I specifically put in the reservation that I would have two small dogs in crates and needed a big van or truck. Cabdriver FINALLY got there and then DROVE OFF when he saw the dogs, saying he couldn’t take animals. What the hell did he think they were going to do from inside their crates?

    Rave: Bonus fall weather! I thought we were in winter for good.

    • Good luck finding ANY cab in DC that takes a dog crated or not.

      • You really can’t depend on cabs here. They’re extremely unreliable (whenever I call they never show up) and won’t pick you up unless the conditions are ideal. Typically this means you have to be a white person with no pets or excess baggage that’s not going to or from a shady or far-away neighborhood, and the weather and traffic conditions have to be nice. I once had a friend call me in a panic; she was stranded in DC because it was raining very hard and the cabbies claimed they couldn’t drive to VA. They recommended she spend the night at Club Five because it was open all night! I drove over and picked her up and took her home to Pentagon City. Sure, the visibility sucked, but it wasn’t as if all the bridges had collapsed.

        • I think you take it a little too far, but I agree with the overall point that DC cabbies lack any professionalism whatsoever.

          Still, cabs in DC are a bargain compared to most of the rest of the US.

          • Hey, I’m not the one who said it’s impossible to drive to VA in the rain. 🙂

          • I have called for a cab several times in the 5+years I’ve lived here. I have NEVER had one show up. Not once. The dispatcher says they will, but then… nothing.

    • I bought a car because of DC cabs.

  • Rave: CAPS hockey starts tonight! Woot!
    Secondary rave: Penguins lost their inaugural game in their new rink last night. 🙂

  • MEGA-RANT: My employer doesn’t recognize Columbus Day as a paid holiday so I’ll be at the desk on Monday.
    RAVE: No, none for me. Too irritated by the above!

    • Does anyone outside the Federal Government recognize Columbus Day as a paid holiday? At least (I’m assuming) you don’t have young children. I feel sorry for my coworkers who have to take a vacation day to watch their kids because the schools and day care centers are closed.

    • You would think DISCOVERY Communications would recognize a genocidal murderer/DISCOVERER holiday, but alas they don’t. Nor do they recognize Arbor day or Earth day.

  • Rave: Three-day weekend with incredible weather.
    Rave: Won tickets to Built to Spill @ 9:30
    Rave: No rants

  • K, you are so sensitive. Relax. Given how the Internet has been crazy at times, you know people killing themselves over comments, etc, I thought perhaps you could be a bit carful with your specific comments about your client. Also, you identified yourself with a K that may or may not be your initial. It was meant to be more of a be careful what you say out there.
    Let me not stop you venting here, I apologize.

  • Rave: Just discovered DC parking enforcement has finally created a form for contesting tickets online!

    Rant: If the same idiot parking enforcement officer in Ward 6 would stop issuing faulty tickets I wouldn’t be so excited about this.

  • Rave: Not in DC, visiting down in the countryside outside Houston, awesome weather, perfect temps, not a cloud in the sky, sitting by the campfire every night, beer under the stars!

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