Pica Taco Applying for a Liquor License

If you thought Pica Taco located at 1406 Florida Ave, NW, couldn’t get any better, well you’ll soon be able to get a beer with your burrito.

And just a side note, I thought the description of the restaurant from the alcohol application permit was pretty funny. There is one food item that doesn’t quite fit with the others…or does it?

“New restaurant with Mexican cuisine, burritos, tacos, bagels, enchiladas, etc.”

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  • They make regular breakfast sandwiches; hence, the bagels. Sipping on a brew with some of those tasty tacos would be awesome.

  • Best burritos around.

  • Sorry if this ends up a double post…The tacos are only “ok” – the meat seems sketchy and just sits there in the containers all day (not fresh). The interior is terrible and I am not sure why anyone wants to leisurely sit in that place in sip a beer with their food. I usually want to just get my tacos and immediately go home. Also – I’m not sure if it is going to attract the right kind of crowd once it starts to serve alcohol.

  • what is the right kind of crowd???/

  • The Torta is one of the best sandwiches in DC. My only issue is that the pork is sometimes fatty, but you know pork is fatty, right?

  • You know, Mexico as a whole isn’t such a third world backwater that they’ve never heard of bagels.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m sure they’ve heard of eggplant parmigiana as well, that doesn’t make it Mexican cuisine.

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