Pi Pizzeria Coming to Penn Quarter

Photo by PoPville flickr user caroline.angelo

Last week we saw that ZPizza looked close to opening up at 8th and H St, NW. It turns out that’s not the only pizza news for Penn Quarter. It looks like Pi Pizzeria will be opening up a restaurant on F street NW in Spring of 2011. It does not appear that they are affiliated with Pi Pizzeria in Adams Morgan. Their Web site says:

…known for its deep-dish cornmeal crust
…the best deep and thin crust pizza in st. louis
the circular constant
…open lunch and dinner 7 days/week
happy to pour wine from your collection
…the circumference of a circle when its diameter is 1
a green restaurant
…now in the central west end, kirkwood and chesterfield
grateful for your support
…often available for private parties
happy to split checks up to 4 ways
…now serving gluten-free crust
offering daiya vegan cheese and match vegan meat
…unable to accept reservations
open for coffee and pastries at 6am in the cwe
…now serving from our mobile pizza truck
coming spring 2011 to washington, dc

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  • Not sure which is more vomit-inducing – fried eggs (with gooey undercooked gelatinous whites!) on pizza or insanely excessive verbiage! Operatically awful!

    • SouthwestDC

      I feel the need to defend my poor pizza. The eggs are not fried, technically, and I can assure you the whites were fully cooked. Runny yolks on a pizza is conceptually no different than something like Eggs Benedict, though I can certainly understand the “ick” factor with both. It took me years to appreciate them myself.

      • looks great to me

      • jburka

        I want to eat that pizza. Now, please. Please?

        (captcha: 8nn8…which is what I wish I’d done to that pizza)

      • As I said – runny whites – as in this picture – are disgusting! Runny yolks (with perfectly cooked whites) are gorgeous. And what does “not fried, technically”?? even mean?

        • SouthwestDC

          To make this type of pizza (usually called a “breakfast pizza”) you break the eggs on top of the dough and bake as usual. So there’s no frying.

          Anyone would agree that runny whites are disgusting, but I’m not sure why you are so sure these are.

        • SouthwestDC

          I think you may be mistaking the olive oil for uncooked white, now that I look at it again.

  • mmm yolks. As for Pi. The pizza pics on their website look damn good. Lookin forward to trying them. Hell of a lot better than Zpizza. Bleh

  • Only those who have had actual St. Louis pizza will understand the importance of the “provel-free” part of the description. I’m pretty sure that provel pizza wouldn’t fly in DC.

    My apologies to St. Louis-natives who enjoy provel.

  • Provel is a white processed cheese that is popular in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Provel is produced with Cheddar, Swiss, and provolone Provel is a cheese made from melting and mixing three cheeses together. As such it is a Pasteurized process cheese. It is allowed to be called Cheese, and there is no requirement to label it “Cheese Food.”

  • As a former resident of St. Louis I can attest that this pizza is amazing. I’m beyond excited that this place will be coming to DC and especially that it’s provel free. This place will really be a great addition.

  • I moved here after spending law school in St. Louis…. and I’m so exicted to hear that Pi is coming to DC.

    They specialize in Chicago deep dish… and its so good that Barack (Chicagoan) had the Pi people fly out to DC to make their pizza for him.

  • I wonder if this is anything like Little Star in SF – deep dish, cornmeal crust and pretty much the best thing ever.

  • Why is provel free good?
    If you like St. Louis pizza isn’t that an important ingredient?
    What is St. Louis pizza is not provel pizza?
    Just asking.
    I’ve never been there.

    • St. Louis style pizza has a very thin crust, and is often cut into small-ish squares (even though the pie is round).

      Provel is (as allowed to be called cheese described) a processed cheese-product. Its texture can be off-putting if you’re not expecting it, but people who grew up in St. Louis love it. I haven’t met anyone who likes it who didn’t grow up in St. Louis. Provel is an important, but not integral, part of St. Louis style pizza — there are St. Louis style pizza places in St. Louis that are proudly provel-free.

    • I would characterize St. Louis pizza by it’s crispy, thin crust and the fact that it’s cut into squares moreso than saying provel is it’s signature feature. There are places in St. Louis that make “St. Louis” style pizaa that skip the provel. Imo’s uses it but they’re not the end all, be all.

      Even if provel was it’s signature, and it’s gross … hey, every place has something that’s local and potentially yucky to outsiders. Doesn’t mean it can’t also be a cause for fond sentiments!

  • I predict a trademark lawsuit between Pi Pizzeria of Adams Morgan and Pi Pizzeria of St. Louis.

  • I grew up eating squares of Imo’s Pizza. Never liked it as much as what the big chains were making in those days (which I remember being somewhat better than what they make now, though I may be confusing nostalgia with quality). Still, provel warmed up to gooey and served on a cracker has a small corner of my heart reserved for it.

    Hopefully, Pi is better than that.

  • st louis pizza? give me a break…

  • I lived in Missouri for a while and the provel cheese is so nasty. My parents thought our pizza had gravy on it when we ordered it once. Even if this place is provel free – St. Louis style pizza still turns my stomach. No thanks.

  • The Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis is amazing! Really looking forward to the DC locations.

  • Speaking of pizza, does any place in DC serve the ultra thin crust/pie that you get in Rome?

  • Pi is amazing pizza! I’m a STL native with Chicago parents, so our family is torn on the subject of pizza. Us kids all love “St Louis style” pizza with provel while my parents merely tolerate it. Pi is the pizza place that we can all agree on. It’s great and to top it off, the owners are just really nice guys.

  • I’m a St. Louis native who’s more than happy with the provel-free pizza we have here in the District. That being said, I’m also very happy every time I go home to have pizza @ Pi. After Obama ate there, it was nearly impossible to get a seat without waiting hours but it’s worth it. I love that they have both deep dish and thin crust on the menu there and hope that will be the case here, too. I’m really excited about this opening!

  • Many thanks to all of you in DC and beyond who have visited us in STL and may visit us in your great city. We are so honored to be setting up shop near you and reading comments like those here makes us even more excited.
    Thanks for your support!
    Owner, Pi

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