Photos from PoPville – 14th and T St, NW Circa 1986

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kinorama

Here is an incredible shot uploaded to the PoPville flickr pool from the amazing series of DC circa 1985-1988 by Michael Horsley. He writes:

“Avant Guarde Theater District

14th and T Street NW Washington DC 1986
Living Stage, JavaRama, Theater Du Jour, and Source”

Thanks again to Mr. Horsley for sharing these amazing photos.

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  • when did studio theatre move to 14th? or wolly mammoth? around this time, right?
    its funny, but there was a time when this was to be the up and coming theatre district.

    • Well the started in the late 1970s on RIA. And then moved to another location on Church that eventually became the space for Wooly Mammoth — that was in the early 1980s. Then in the late 1980s they moved to their present home. There’s still theatre around there, but DC continues to have a hard time retaining arts districts. Zoning doesn’t prejudice current usages and forms, adaptive reus,e and the city has been reluctant to step in between landowners and artists. There’s just to much upward pressure and regular up-zoning — and loss of small light industrial buildings — to give any stability and centrality to the community. As such, the community itself exists in a constant state of flux.

  • I am really enjoying these photographs!

  • There must be a problem with the picture date, this can’t be from the 1980’s.

    There’s no crime scene tape.

    • ..and I definitely don’t see any hookers.

      • @Ragged Dog you don’t see any because they were asleep in the basement of the JavaRama (what is now known as ST EX). I lived it many a night. One time to get rid of them (they would break in and jimmy the locks or hangers on from Elmo’s apartment would let them in)we disabled all the lights in the basement, screwed plywood ramps overtop the stairs and filled the basement with water-they turned tricks down there anyway! Some how one night I freaked and splattered paint and graffiti up and down the staircase and that freaked them out and they disappeared.

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