Old grenades Found in rowhouse in Columbia Heights

“Dear PoP- any idea what is going on at 13th and Park? Cops have been here for about 2 hours, the streets are shut down in both directions, and there are some folks in camo and helmets standing in the street. Seems pretty strange.”

This is def. one of the stranger alerts from fireems:

“Haz Mat- 13th St & Park Rd NW- DC F&EMS Haz Mat, Spec Ops assisting MPD with explosives investigation – old grenades in rowhouse(renovation)”

Further proof that you’ll never know what you’ll find during a renovation. Crazy!

Update 1:18pm from dcfireems:

“update – 13th St & Parks Rd NW – DC F&EMS assisiting MPD w 2 grenades – situation is resolved – DC F&EMS Haz mat, Spec Ops clearing scene”

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  • Recently at WOnderland a Blipster informed me that ‘grenade’ is slang that young black males use to decribe young females. Maybe MPD just wants to get some.

  • wow. guessing this is at the house being turned into condos on the sw corner of park and 13th (catty-corner from the convenience store)?

  • I was chatting with a construction guy recently, he said once during a renovation up in the hills of Petworth, he opened up a wall and found lots of cocaine and gold rings. I’m still looking for my bag of bank loot in my old walls!

  • I looked in my house too. Sometimes in old houses the architecture plans are stuffed in the trim somewhere. That would be awesome.

    All I’ve found is dust bunnies and old plaster keys.

  • I found a desperate/pathetic/semi-stalker old love note buried beneath the floorboards of my old condo when I did the floors

  • I found bags of white powder, needles used and unused, a bloody knife, and a dead family of mice…

    You gotta love life in a big city.

    • Hmm, these stories explain why the crackheads who broke into my house had pulled off some of the light switch plates to get a peek into the walls.

    • Use the powder, boil the needles, and knife the mice.

      That’s a hot date in some parts of town.

  • We once moved into a house and found a WWI German Officer’s sword in the basement.

  • found weed paraphenalia (roaches and a sifting board) and lots of racy polaroids of people with crazy 80s outfits (shiny polyester suits, enormous afros, etc) in the walls of my place.

  • I found an old 22 handgun (1930’s?) under some floorboards in a closet in the basement of an old house in NYC. The gun was in a cookie tin that contained mostly sewing supplies. There was lots more we uncovered in that basement but the gun was the most interesting.

  • My house was gutted in the 1960’s and 1970’s so if I did find something (which I don’t think I will) it won’t be anything cool from the early days of the house in the 1920’s. I do still have hope for the crawl space below the roof though.

  • What happens if you find something valuable in your house like money and jewelry? Is it legally yours to keep?

  • Ronnie’s at the club, hooking up with Grenades… that is a bigger-ugly-chick & also Landmines.. which is a thin-ugly-chick .. and um, lovin’ life.

  • Ha! Same thing happened at a neighbors garage sale when I was a kid. The guy had all this old WW2 stuff, which apparently had included live grenades.

    That was quite the day on the block.

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