Old Dry Cleaners at 1601 14th St, NW Becoming… A Dry Cleaners?

There was a lot of excitement about the potential of this property. So I was pretty excited when I saw some permits up on the window. Back in June we learned from the Washington Post that the space would become the ‘Italian Shirt Laundry’ a “a combination pizzeria and bakery”. Curiously the permit in the window says the proposed future use is still a dry cleaners. It’ll be interesting to see if that deal fell through or if the permit was simply mislabeled. Stay tuned for more info as the renovations progresses. In the meantime an asbestos removal project is underway.

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  • Considering how toxic dry cleaning fluid is and how long that place has been in operation, I don’t think a food establishment is the healthiest option for that property. Wouldn’t suprise me to find the place is an EPA Superfund site.

    • Its not.


      There’s no reason to think that serving food here would be dangerous at all. You can make a restaurant perfectly sanitary and safe. The chemicals, if present, would be in the floors, woodwork, and the interior walls, all of which would need to be replaced it seems due to the condition. Besides, its not like they prepare food on the walls, floors, window sills.

  • looks like they are just replacing windows, doors etc… so they don’t have to change the ‘use’ yet. probably just easier to get this permit first. changing the use can be a challenge.

  • I walked by the other day and saw signs for Asbestos removal project signs!

  • Actually, that chopped off sentence on the image of the permit is the HPO boilerplate for the interior work only restriction. It goes something like: “Interior work only. Does not include approval for replacement of windows, doors and other exterior features.” Lots of projects get interior work only permits to start cleaning a place out and do preliminary demo before they move on to permits for exterior alterations and changes of use (which require floor plans of current conditions and proposed conditions)

  • don’t read into this too much. they just haven’t filed to change the use yet so that they can get started with some initial work.

  • I’d prefer to see that location built higher as quality residential with a green street setback and low connection to the church as to not overwhelm it and preserve the view. A one-story drycleaners is a waste of space in that location, not to mention the missed potential tax benefits to the city.

  • I read in the Washingtontian for the 6 new restaurants:

    Fourteenth Street will welcome Italian Shirt Laundry and Italian Cinema within the next six months. Italian Shirt Laundry will offer small plates, pizza, and a large selection of draft beers, while Italian Cinema will be an upscale pasta restaurant with rooftop dining. Loc: 1601 14th Street, NW and 1404 14th Street, NW Metro: U Street/Cardozo or Dupont Circle

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