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  • Not just landscapring there — they look like stormwater capture drains. form and function.

  • I ate at the Potbelly’s yesterday… it looks great inside, and everyone was very friendly.

    In other NE news, Chipotle is now OPEN in Union Station!

  • NoMa will be the “greenest” neighborhood in DC, given that every building is LEED certified.

    • The Constitution Square office buildings are even rated LEED Platinum.

      • LEED is a great start but its a bit of a sham in the big picture.

        • By the big picture, you mean a rating system which rewards buildings like these? High rise mixed-use built on a former coal yard, with green roofs, low-VOC materials, construction waste recycling, sotrmwater management improvements, bicycle parking, high efficiency HVAC, and other features adjacent to mass transit?

          Yeah, sounds like a sham.

          • it is kind of sham – it would be green if a lot of the materials were green or recycled or if they were getting their energy from solar panels or if they were doing amazing things about water retention and re-use. They are not. As of today there is still no benchmark to measure whether these buildings will be really energy efficient as they claim to be because once the tenants move in a lot of changes can take place in the building that were not part of the original design.

          • Which is why there are different rating systems for Core + Shell versus Commercial Interiors. It’s definitely not a sham, including the multiple points awarded for things like providing natural light and bicycle parking.

            There’s also no way to get up to a Platinum rating without extensive use of green and recycled materials, and doing “amazing things about water retention and re-use.” In this case they have gray-water for flushing toilets, green roofs, and you can see from the picture that they have water retention built into the sidewalk landscaping.

  • It sucks that Potbelly’s isnt open for breakfast…

  • Can anyone give a status report on the new Harris Teeter? Does it look like they’ll be able to open this year as planned? PoP, have you heard any news?

    • Last I heard it was early December. Hopefully potbelly toughs it out until then

      • brookland_rez

        I just went by there tonight, they’re working on the inside, installing aisles, etc. I’d guess they should be open in another month.

  • I know this is off topic but there needs to be a movie theater in Columbia Heights….

  • Potbelly is doing great business, and will open for breakfast soon. Harris Teeter opens December 7 in NoMa! In the meantime, check out our events during Zestfest @ZestfestDC or http://www.zestfestdc.org

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