New Building Going Up at 1503 11th St, NW

A new building is going up on what was a vacant lot at 1503 11th St, NW. Looks pretty promising. Probably too early for a proper judging but I’ll be sure to repost when it’s all finished. At the moment it looks like it’ll fit in nicely.

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  • Oh, I do hope they finish it with some lovely pale yellow vinyl siding. That look is all the rage these days.

  • I’ve been walking by this one every day and I have to say that the laborers on this one really look like the bad news bears…working under tarps in the rain…bending out and around open windows to nail up ply wood.

    I saw what they put under the basement — about 18″ of gravel over clay, so good luck to whatever ends up there!

  • From what I’ve seen the worker men dudes seem to be on the up and up [hats, goggles, etc.]. You can’t stop some amp’d up carpenter from throwing some windows up. As for the windows they seem like they’re going for some semi contemporary vibe thing – could work cool against the neighbors’ buildings. Also it looks like there is a roof deck.

  • That blue house next to it has some sweet details. It was for sale last time I checked.

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