Mt. Pleasant’s Famed ‘Pig House’ has Sold

If intangible arts is reading this I hope he is sitting down. He is the only one I know who was as mesmerized by these pigs as I am. They are located at 1864 Monroe St, NW.

As I was making my regular rounds in Mt. Pleasant I was stopped dead in my tracks when I noticed the for sale sign was under contract. (Listing price was $835,000, for the curious you can see lot of photos of the interior here.)

So the only question I have is – will the new owners keep these beloved pigs? Or will they go the way of the knights…?

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  • How can you not keep those pigs! They are fabulous! Here’s hoping the new owner has some sense.

  • Keep the pigs! I love those pigs – your posting them was right when I had moved here to Petworth. I sent word to all my friends that I had moved to the right place.

  • Keep the pigs. I know this isn’t a GDON, but damn that house is beautiful and in a beautiful neighborhood and 835k seems low.

  • You know, pigs are cute and delicious and all, but I had the great honor of getting stuck behind a huge truckload of pigs during an hour-long traffic jam on 66 last weekend. It was the most revolting smell you can possibly imagine. Almost enough to make me consider becoming a vegetarian.

  • True, but these particular pigs smell like little concrete angels…

  • gorgeous pigs, gorgeous house.

  • mtpgal

    My brother just alerted me to this posting. We are the ones buying 1864 and have no fear, as long as the pigs convey, they stay! We absolutely love the pigs and we won’t touch a concrete hair on their head. We’re really looking forward to living in the neighborhood, if you see us feel free to say hi!

  • I’m friends with the soon-to-be owners of 1864, and let me assure you that they are EXACTLY the kind of people who would delight in concrete pigs. They are wonderful people who are so excited about this house. In fact, I’m pretty sure you can convince her to dress the pigs up for festive occasions, if you want…

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