Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Ft. Totten (Owner Request)

This rental is located at 1st Place NE at Webster St NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Renting a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment in the Brookland Neighborhood.

Apartment details (see below)

• Wonderful one-bedroom, one bath apartment in a garden condo community is available for rent as early as November 1.
• Located few blocks from Catholic University and H8 bus stop which takes you to Brookland-CUA Metro & Rhode Island Metro (RED LINE)
• Near the Brookland(RED LINE) and Fort Totten Metro( RED/GREEN LINE) Stations
• Completely renovated new appliances including: stainless steel refrigerator, central a/c, dish washer, microwave oven, secure keyless entry system
• Huge bedroom with lots of closet space and carpeted floors
* Spacious carpeted living area w/ an open floor plan
• Great access to natural light
* On site laundry facilities”

From the map this looks more like Ft. Totten than Brookland though Brookland isn’t too far away. Does $1100 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Not remotely close to the metro, not remotely close to much. Not convenient to major auto arteries (except North Cap). Probably some of the lowest crime east of Rock Creek, but also probably one of the most isolated places. Maybe good for buying, but tough sell for renting I would think. Maybe good at $900/month or 1000-1100 including most utilities. I mean you dont have laundry facilities in the unit…

    Obviously anything with this price tag merits consideration for someone who doesnt have a long list of priorities – but for some more money you will probably get a disproportionate benefit in location.

    • i was just going to say high-end at $900, but i’d need to see some compelling pictures. $700 if skanky.

      The kitchen photo looks upgraded, but hopelessly cramped.

      • i forgot to look closely at the map. i’ve been looking in this exact area for months and just signed a lease a bit east. My $875 is upper-range for 2nd tier places.

        Hawaii Ave there is lined with $600-750 apartments. The most expensive in the area is Brookland Ridge Apartments, topping out around 1000, i think, check their website. They have parking and are gated and right on bus line. Consider your competition.

        • what is appealing about that area to you, if you don’t mind saying?

        • According to their website, Brookland Ridge is renting 1BRs for $1399-$1425. This looks like a bargain compared to them, but I’m guessing they’re overpriced, right?
          Any opinion on what the neighborhood is like or on the commuting options to residents?

  • The city dump is right there. Must smell nice

  • I don’t think there’s any way that this place is 5-10 minutes away from Columbia Heights, U Street, or Adams Morgan. Maybe with a car, no traffic, and perfect lights?

    • I’ve been driving to work lately from Fort Totten to near the convention center. 17 minutes in the morning, 25 minutes in the afternoon. 5-10 to Columbia Heights is easy from there.

    • Agree with Stubs. It’s 2 miles, eaxactly. Up Rockcreek church, left on New Hampshire and right on Park.

    • I love how these things inevitably turn into a discussion about whether it’s really as far from something as they say it is.

  • Agreeably it’s not in the most walkable area, but for someone wanting to live near Catholic University who has a car, I think it’s a good deal. Yes, there are less expensive apartments in the neighborhood, but they aren’t fully renovated. It’s a quiet, safe area and is close by car to Takoma, Petworth, and Brookland.

  • Thank you for the positive and neutral comments everyone. To clear up anything the apartment does have laundry facilities.

    It is fully renovated, and quite nice! Also if any one would like to view the apartment please feel free to reply to the ad.

  • That area of DC is sort of an undiscovered affordability pocket. I’ve been keeping notes on places there as a fall back in case the finances hit the fan and I have to rent out my (slightly more convenient) house in Petworth.

  • Anonymous is right. We live in this neighborhood and it is a little pocket of affordability. It’s not exciting but it is relatively safe. The neighbors are mostly retired people. It’s quiet. There are nice big trees. You could do a lot worse in this area.

  • Lived in one of these for three years. They were renovated in 2005 and are nice inside. Half of them have laundry in the unit, the other half no. But, there is laundry in the basement. I liked having an absolutely giant closet- three bikes and some musical instruments fit- rather than a washer and dryer. Plus, in the basement you can wash four loads at the same time and do your laundry in a quarter of the time.

    The units are a generously sized, and have very low utilities. All have carpeting in the bedrooms, most have hardwood in the living areas.

    Perhaps the rental market was stronger last summer, but I rented mine out for more than this in less than a day.

    The Brookland and Fort Totten metros are walkable- 15 min or so to either. I tended to drive or bike places.

    I always felt safe in the neighborhood. It is quiet. Plenty of parking. Not tons to do in the immediate area (used to walk to Hitching Post and El Limeno…), but a good value and clean place to live.

    Sorry- long-winded.

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