Metro Mutts Tagged with Hate Graffiti on H St, NE

Photo from Metro Mutts Facebook page

Unfortunately there is still a lot of hate in the world. Metro Mutts, located at 508 H St, NE, tweeted on Sunday:

“Arrived at the store today to find the following words spray painted on our door “Cracker (large penis illustration) get out my city fag”

Makes me more sad than mad.

The police just left the shop a few minutes ago. We filed a report and there will be an investigation.”

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  • gotta love the ‘get outta MY city’ wonder who it could be? What a bunch of losers

  • Oh my, black folks can hate based on skin color. What will white liberals do being confronted with the fact that its not just uneducated white people who hate.

  • hahahaha it actually sounds like white people are the culprits. large penis illustrations are so suburban. and i haven’t heard the term “cracker” in years. probably another yupster dog walking organization trying to send a message.

    really sorry it happened though. what a crappy way to start a monday.

    • I’ve been called cracker as recently as last week on Georgia Ave, so its alive and well. Its a common slur from prison culture, which we have a lot of in DC.

      • It’s not from prison culture. It’s from slavery…”crack” as in a whip… Many people who have no association with prison have it in their vocabularies. It’s a remnant of a complicated history.

        Regardless of the origin, it was uncalled for – in this case and in your own.

  • Such a dysfunctional, awful culture. Gentrification can’t come fast enough to push these people out of the city.

  • Sorry to hear about this. Hope the investigation turns something up. Too bad arrests and punishments wont actually change the mentality of the racist, ignorant, biggots which is unfortunately held by many in the city.

  • So the race war in this city, where the whites are trying to retake territory long held by the blacks, is really being led by gay gentrifiers who eat crackers?

  • as a former suburban penis drawer, and one that considers myself quite the authority on the subject, i would like to see the spray dong in question. I could tell you wether it is a product of the ornate, true to life, suburbia spraydong style or the more edgy, streetwise, urban spraydong style. that would get us to the bottom of this.

  • This stereotype of crackers having large penises needs to come to an end!!

  • Unlikely, it was posted by “Blacks”, but drunk folk from one of the local bars having so-called fun.

    • Really? Who brings spray paint to a bar?

      I’m guessing no one on this list knows who did this, but that doesn’t stop any of us from carting out our favorite culprits – “Blacks”, bar-going hipsters, The High, suburban dong-taggers….

      I’ll take the crazy cat lady for $200, Alex.

    • We got called “Cracker Fags” a lot when we first moved into Col Hts. in 2002. And, no it was not drunks from bars having “fun.” It was neighbors, and it was ugly.

  • This isn’t the “blacks” style. Most likely someone thats white or hispanic transplant who thought it would be cool to spark up more racial tension in the city. The person/people we’re most likely intoxicated or high on other drugs.

  • It clearly was deliberate. Don’t be so foolish people.

    Intoxicated or high on drugs – couldn’t come off with something that specific.

    This person knew exactly what they were writing.

  • with so many detectives, i’m sure the case will be closed soon.

  • I have been called ‘cracker’ more times than I can count in the past few years. race relations in this city are out of control. It is hatred,bigotry and stupidity that are alive here more than anywhere I have ever visited that keep DC from being a truly great city. Little things like this are really just a sign of the problem. Too depressing.

    • i don’t get a lot of “cracker,” but i do get my fair share of “white girl.” would be interesting if i retorted with, “yes, black man?”

      • If you’re trying to be as equitable as possible, isn’t ‘guy’ the equitable term to ‘girl’? Thinking about the result just makes me shudder.

        Not that this helps ANYTHING…

      • A lot of hollerers have a sense of humor- they’d probably be very amused by that sass…of course, it wouldn’t really help with discouraging that style of interaction.

    • Too true. I spent most of my life in the allegedly awful south going to school and living with people from all walks of life. DC takes the biscuit for being the most divided city I know of.

      It doesn’t help that a portion of the new whites in this city come from places where a simple “hello” is, appearantly, like spitting in someone’s face.

  • This is common. I’ve been called “faggot” on the street all over the city, including in Dupont, by blacks dozens of times in the four years I’ve lived here. In the 20 years of my entire adult life before moving to DC, I think it happened twice. Oncewas in NYC by some douchebag white high-school student in a car with NJ plates, the other a bunch of nasty blacks from Harlem on the A train.

    I’ve also heard numerous conversations on the bus, Metro, etc. among black people saying all sorts of horrible, hateful things about gay people.

    It’s completely un-PC in DC to say that so many blacks here are hateful people, but unfortunately it’s true.

  • As a gay cracker, I now plan to throw some business at Metro mutts to show support….even though I don’t own a “mutt”! I am sure I could find some use for a dog collar. 😉

  • A few of the blog’s readers are called “cracker” or “white girl” and this is a sign that race relations are out of control DC? Really? I’m not excusing the use of the term “cracker” at all. It is definitely racist and out of line. But, dare I say, it is the African-American and Hispanic residents of the city (and not the white residents) who have been the targets of racism and bigotry. Maybe not by the commenters on this blog (no need to get defensive!!), but let’s have a little perspective. Relations in the city between all different races, ethnicities, religions, etc will never improve without first confronting our own prejudices and stereotypes (rather than blaming everyone else but ourselves).

    • Sorry… I don’t really buy this so much. It’s hard for me to believe that the type of white people who live in (and are “gentrifying”) this city still hold the same outward racism that you might find in a less educated, less progressive part of the country.

      Whether or not someone subconsciously thinks something negative towards a certain group is a different conversation for another day, but I would think that they would base that thought on experiences they’ve actually had, not just blind bigotry.

      In any case, the type of outward, unapologetic racism displayed in this instance isn’t something I could ever imagine an educated person of any race doing to any other race. If you’d like to argue that there is a large presence of lower income, lower educated white folk in the city hating on blacks and hispanics, have at it.

      • you really want to go down that road?

        • I’m not sure what you mean.

          • i mean that the examples of racism against blacks in dc is staggering.
            go ask some questions and listen.

            also, just in surrounding counties, racist graffiti, threats and assaults are sadly not uncommon.

          • I must not be in the right places at the right time to see them, though my neighborhood is mostly black. (Maybe that is the problem)

            I am aware of the things that happen in the surrounding counties, and I agree with you fully in those cases. My comment was intended for the neighborhoods we live in. I just don’t see and can’t imagine very many professional folks participating in this nonsense, and to my knowledge, most of the white population in DC fit that description.

        • I agree with RI. Step up and provide examples of said “racism”. I think most of won’t meet even a lose definition of the term.

          That won’t stop people from telling each other that all of life’s problems can be summed up and blamed on it, but that doesn’t make it true.

  • I’m really sad to read this. I used to work with Kelly, one of the owners, and she is the sweetest, nicest person. I can’t imagine that she hasn’t been anything but warm and welcoming to all of her neighbors on H street. Starting this business is her dream. I hope she doesn’t let this get her down. I know so many people on H Street that are happy to have a pet store close by.

  • I’m black myself, and I’m very familiar with the black community in this city, since I was born and raised here mostly in Ward 7, now live in Ward 1. I can honestly say I can’t imagine anyone black doing this, they may not like the city is going, but I really don’t think they’ll make all of that energy and effort to tag a random store on H street. If they wanted to attack whites theres much better areas of the city that would’ve made a bigger impact. I’m going to keep it 100, “black thugs” as many of you may call them, do not go around tagging, not in this area except on metrobuses with sharpie markers, but thats it. I really think someone that is white is responsible for this, or another race, but not blacks. It just not their style.

    Another thing this mutts shop is near 5th and H, an area that has been quite diverse and going through gentrification for some time. If a black person would tag such a hate speech as such, they most likely would’ve done it further down H street, perhaps the Rock and Roll hotel, since that area is still majority black and has just recently seen the effects of gentrification. I’m just guessing right now..

    On a side note, I think gentrification is great, IF its done right. Moving the problem somewhere else doesn’t solve anything. I’m happy the city is becoming more diverse, but I’ll tell ya I can see why most black people in D.C. are on edge with it, seeing what its done to Chicago and New York City. Its impossible to gentrify an area without the housing costs rising as well. Although the DC area has the highest percentage of educated and successful African Americans, many still work in the service and blue collared industry, which pays less, meaning one who makes that type of salary would struggle to live in D.C., if there isn’t enough affordable housing. Now there goes another problem, people think affordable housing = housing projects = ghetto = crime.

    Well I mean in most cases you could be right, but its the systems fault. Back in the day in the early 90’s when my family was on section 8 (I was about 1-5 back then), the landlord would require home visits and background checks in order for a family to move in, which worked well because most of our neighbors we’re hard working and decent citizens and the neighborhood was building itself back from the crack epidemic.

    • Just because you can’t imagine something doesn’t mean it’s not true. That’s a pretty weak argument. Take the word of the people on this blog who’ve been called cracker.

      Likely, this is someone who’s got a couple screws loose. It’s NOT someone professional of any race. You’re sort of breaking this down as though it could be some form of well thought out social protest. It’s someone who’s “off”, clearly. Least likelihood is a white person. Doesn’t fit the narrative if the graffiti-ist is white.

      • I agree, its a big possibility of this low life of being black. This seems like a very random attack though….. wouldn’t expect it.

        Also i hate when other black people use racial slurs like “crackers” and such to discriminate. I just don’t see the point in it. Maybe its because I went to diverse schools throughout my childhood and had friends of all backgrounds. Nevertheless even if someone was raised in a 100% black neighborhood and nothing else but, doesn’t give then an excuse to be racist. I don’t see people who we’re actually alive during Jim Crow being racist as much as the younger generations. I myself haven’t ran into any racist white people in this area for the most part, except for a few instances in the suburbs, but I see far more racist blacks. I vote for Gray, not because Fenty wasn’t black enough or any of that bullshit, but because I really want to see this city become more united, which could take a long time….

        If the criminal who did this is black then shame on them, matter of fact regardless of race they should be charged with a hate crime…

        • +1 i’m a white guy who supported gray. bringing folks together is the big thing. my gut reaction is that it doesn’t seem like something dc black folks would do, but that’s pretty much a worthless reaction. i’m sure it was an asshole though (see below).

          there’s racism in the suburbs (i’m from rockville), but there’s also a lot more integration, imo. my elementary school was 30% white, 30% black, 20% hispanic, 20% asian, we got along pretty good, especially considering the history of the town. damascus had a bad rep for race relations. i hated their basketball and football teams (broken arm in some bs punt return) and hence don’t mind smearing the high school/town.

    • Sorry, Goku. I have a bit more information on this and it’s more likely than not a youngster who was in the building that very day. There have been zero instances of graffiti at this address in the last several years. And it happened just after the last occupant of the building left for the evening. Too coincidental.

  • it sounds like metro mutts got vandalized by an asshole. we can all agree on that.

    imo, 15% of any group (race, gender, nationality, profession, class, whatever) are assholes and will be assholes no matter what, even if life is good to them and the folks around them are positive, good people. 10% will be fantastic people no matter what, even if life is bad to them and those around them abuse the hell out of the commons. the rest of us (the other 75%) pretty much follow the lead of the dominant culture to varying degrees.

    i hope the tagging gets stomped out and that assholes of all stripes and kinds across dc continue to lose influence.

  • I do not understand why anyone white/ black hispanic or other complain when they see housing prices increase. People feel that they have a right to affordable housing near a metro and two bus lines, walking distance to the white house and the mall. There is plenty of affordable housing it just might not be exactly where they want to live. In the past when people could not afford to live in a area or there were no jobs available for there skill set, the people moved.

    It seems now people feel that if they make a home in a place, it becomes the government’s responsibility to keep the rent cheap and the jobs coming, or pay them for the lack of work. People need to come out of the clouds and take responsibility for their own situation and stop asking the government for help. The government has no income aside from the taxes from those that the haters love to hate.

  • This whole thing seems like a put-on. I mean, if you wanted to make some statement about gentrification in DC the “Metro Mut” on the H St corridor is a pretty perfect choice.

  • “get out of my city”??? “Cracker”??? In *spray paint*??? That just doesn’t sound like black DC to me either. Now if there was a “white bitch” or “cracker ass” in there and this was in magic marker scrawl, then I’d say maybe. Also, black kids don’t say “fag” either. They say “faggot.”

  • One critical issue that no one has addressed is whether the spraydong was circumcised or not.

  • I hope this incident gets the same attention from DC authorities and the DC-media as it would if a black-owned store in Fairfax, VA was targeted by racists using racial epithets; urging the store owners to “get out of my city”.

  • Those are just words, sticks and stones, well, that’s what blacks were always told. However, it was wrong.
    Do not count on D.C.M.P.D. doing anything.
    A big lazy 44 year old N.W.,man who has made every excuse in the world to not get a job, sits around his home and files false reports of terrorism and money laundering on anyone he has a beef with, including relatives and fellow church memnbers. The authorities know he is mentally challenged (meaning, an evil nut job)
    Taxpayer money and manpower hours are wasted because this sick, lazy, nut job sits around writing, calling and emailing false terrorist reports against people who ticked him off and the D.C.M.PD. have not arrested him yet. So don’t hold your breath on the spray painters.

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