Lost Dog in Petworth

“Dear PoP,

Please help me. Speedo ran out of the house without his collar. With all the squirrels around there is no telling where he is. He is a Jack Russell Terrier. He bolted out of the house and took off down the ally and then ran behind the Methodist church and down New Hampshire Ave, NW then back up 7th St, NW from there is where I lost the trail”

If anyone spots him please email me and I’ll hook you up with the reader.

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  • If Speedo has any dog-friends, get them all out walking around the neighborhood as soon as you can. A lost dog will often go to another dog, especially one he knows. Good luck.

  • Make a flier with a photo and start posting all around the neigborhood, state that there is a reward (of course only if you plan to offer one) and telephone number. I’ll be out with my pups tomoroow moring in that area and will definitely keep an eye open. Good luck!!!

  • What time was this? I saw a homeless guy with a dog that looked a little like this at 11th and T NW yesterday afternoon around 3:30pm. I thought it was strange because the dog didn’t seem like he was very attached to the man and instead of a collar or leash the dog was harnessed with what looked like an old belt.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I am happy to report that I received word late last night that dog has been found! Great news.

      • We also hear the word – he ran from Petworth all the way to 11th & P St NW where someone turned him into the animal shelter. Seems kinda typical of a Jack Russell to make it halfway across the city in a few hours!!

  • To all my wonderful neighbors in Petworth, THANK YOU for being on the look out and your concerns. Speedo is safe and sound (double lock down) at home.

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