Labyrinth Games and Puzzles Coming To Capitol Hill

Labyrinth will be coming to 645 Pennsylvania Ave. SE. Their Web site says:

“Labyrinth Games & Puzzles is a family-friendly, community-focused store featuring a wide selection of non-electronic, specialty games, puzzles, and mazes for purchase, rent or play in the store. With activities and products geared toward all ages from 1 to 100, Labyrinth offers something for everyone. Many of our products are sourced from small, U.S. artisans or fair trade importers. We encourage you to visit, talk to our knowledgeable staff and most importantly have fun playing!”

It’s wild to hear about a new store like this in the age of computers and video games. Looking forward to seeing what their goods.

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  • If this store can survive, then surely a kite store can survive on 11th Street NW

  • Board games are making a comeback. Even I, who never cared for them as a kid, am finding them more appealing. In these days of gadgets, the internet, working 24/7, and being isolated and stressed all the time, many people are gravitating to social activities that are fun, relaxing, and unplugged.

  • Dungeons and Dragons Supply Depot

    and maybe some marbles.

  • huh, wonder if they will carry RPGs.

  • Nerd alert! They should have a video game section, to help pay the rent. Has anyone visited The Game Parlors in Chantilly or Woodbridge?

  • Yah! A game/toy store done right should have no problem in that area. One only needs to look at “Why Not” in Old Town to see that it can and will work. To the new owners – good luck and can’t wait to visit!

  • This place will close faster than the legs on a catholic nun.

  • Ticket to Ride. Closed one month after Christmas 2011.

  • While Labyrinth is in my hood, and I’m super excited to patronize it, I do want to remind everyone that another most excellent source for board games is Barston’s Child’s Play at Chevy Chase Circle. The owners know everything about what’s in their store too.

  • Visited the store on Friday. It is wonderfully laid out and the staff is quite friendly. Prices are reasonable and the inventory seems to be a mixture between family-oriented games and the usual RPG, card, and figure-based games that my generation grew up with.

    I think it’s interesting that they reserved some pretty significant game space to start hosting local gamers. On their first day, some locals folks were there when I visited and were playing games (not to mention buying things).

    I, myself, found a nice framed picture to purchase. All in all, I was quite impressed. I’m betting they make it on account from what I heard of how they inventory, their prices, and the owner’s local relationships.

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