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Opening up a Thai restaurant right across the street from an established Thai restaurant (Thai Tanic, 1326 14th St, NW) can be a bold move. I’ve heard very mixed reviews about Teak Wood located at 1323 14th Street, NW. But I gotta be honest, when I went I had a delicious meal. Of course I can’t remember what dish I ordered (but it was something with shrimp). And I do remember enjoying my spring roll as well.

So for those who’ve been – what’s the verdict? Any must order dishes? Is it better than Thai Tanic?

Ed. Note: Don’t forget, as previously noted, Thai Tanic is fighting back by opening soon a sushi lounge upstairs called Tsunami:

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  • I think it’s pretty good. I have ordered it twice since it has opened and i find that the portions are bigger than Thaitanic for the same price. Quality-wise, I thought it was about the right amount of spicy.

    I’ve only gotten take-out, so i’m not sure about the overall dining experience.

  • I liked the food a lot (thai – we didn’t have any sushi). However, the waiters wear little bells on their aprons, which drove me insane. It was like having a mosquito hovering around my ear. I can’t sit through that again.

  • It was a beautiful restaurant. Almost worth going for the decor alone. It is really a different experience than Thaitanic because of that. I had the drunken noodles with tofu and honestly I’ve had better. The food was just OK, but it’s early. I’m glad they’ve opened in my neighborhood and I think Thaitanic and Rice will both be fine.

  • I liked Teak Wood when I went. I’m biased though because I boycott Thai Tanic. Thai Tanic wanted to turn over the table on a busy Friday night and rushed me and my party of 7 out of the restaurant by giving us a five minute warning to leave. I literally had my fork in my hand when my dinner plate was swept out from under me by the server.

    So for Thai food, I’ll be going back to Teak Wood.

  • You ordered something with shrimp? Bad Jew!

  • I’ll have to give this place a shot. Thai food in DC I find consistently underwhelming and geared toward people who do not want the more interesting spices and flavors of genuine Thai – i.e., bland and/or overly sweet, and lacking fire.

    • where have you tried that you havent liked?
      i’ve never been to thailand so all i know is what i cook for myself and what i’ve eaten here.

    • When I was in Thailand I didn’t have anything a ridiculously spicy as some of the dishes served in U.S. Thai restaurants. If you want crazy spicy try the “Bird’s Nest on Fire” at Thai Tanic.

  • We ate at Teak Wood Sunday night. I had an eel and avocado sushi roll and pad see ew for my main course. Both were very good; my pad see ew compared favorably to the versions I’ve had at Thai Tanic and Sala Thai. My husband was very impressed with his Thai soup and sushi rolls. So we will be returning. We’ll probably continue to patronize Thai Tanic as well; one possible plus about Teak Wood is that its dining room is so large (compared to other places in Logan) that getting a table is unlikely to be a problem (which has not always been the case at Thai Tanic). Our experiences with Rice up the street have not been so favorable: I find it overpriced and with erratic service.

  • I’ve had carryout a few times and while it’s better food for the money than thai tanic, I think both are definitely overpriced for middling food. I will continue to walk the extra 4 blocks to Bua Thai at 17th and P for better, cheaper thai. Mai Thai on 19th is also better.

    That said is there a decent thai place near chinatown? Thai chili, royal thai, absolute thai and Kanlaya are all completely average to me. Thai Thai on Lee highway in Arlington is excellent but much too far away.

  • I went and really liked it -however it just felt like a fancier thai tantic. I would rate it 1 star above thai tantic for whatever that is worth. Love them both.

  • Went there Sunday evening — it was not terribly busy. My dining partner & I ordered an appetizer to share and one entree apiece. The entrees arrived first, and the appetizer about 5 minutes later. When we inquired about the appetizer coming after the entree, the server and the manager(?) apologized profusely for the “mixup.”

    How difficult is it to bring the appetizer first, at least a few minutes before the entree? Yet this is the second meal out in a row this has happened to me in DC.

    (The food was fine, by the way; I’ll probably go back as I live nearby.)

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