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In yesterday’s judging of Hunan Dynasty a commenter mentioned Pete’s Diner located around the corner at 212 2nd St. SE. Here’s a place that looks awesome that I’ve always wondered about but instantly forget about until the next time I walk past it. So what’s the overall word here? Any must order items?

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  • Pete’s offers inexpensive brunch items, classic American food (burgers, fries, sandwiches, ruebens, etc.) and Chinese/Asian food. In my opinion, the Asian cuisine lacks flavor and is incredibly salty. But most of the menu items are in the $5-7 range and include a drink.

  • Sweet potato pancakes. Love ’em.

    Everyone I know has very strong feelings – love or hate – about Pete’s. I’m definitely in the love camp for those pancakes.

  • I want to love it, and keep giving them the chance, but the food has been consistently bad – cheap ingredients indifferently prepared.

    • Completely agree.

      The only things that taste OK are things that are impossible to screw up like pancakes.

      Everything else is greasy, cheap, and poorly prepared. It’s the ghetto chinese takeout of the diner experience.

  • When I used to live on the hill, the was the best place for cheap breakfast. Their chocolate chip pancakes are a must, and they offer great combos for about $5. Also a strange mix of other asian dishes and specialties as well. Definitely recommend the place though, knowing though, that this is not Beacon Sunday brunch.

  • I always eat at the French place next door. They make a mean ham egg and cheese on a croissant.

  • Pete’s isn’t about the food really. It’s a cheap, friendly, greasy spoon, and that’s what we love about it.

  • Not a fan. Cold food that is nothing special even as standard diner fare, sticky silverware, and non-Heinz ketchup. As a native Pittsburgher, I’m offended.

  • Good and cheap, but lately I find myself spending the extra couple bucks for breakfast at Tune Inn. One time, I ordered a side of bacon and they basically gave me the entire package. And they’ve got beer.

  • love pete’s. yeah the food isn’t great, but the prices/atmosphere make up for it.

  • blue. berry. pancakes. yum.

  • It’s a super-cheap diner with diner food. It’s good for what it is, nothing less, nothing more. I find people often want more for less. What you pay here isn’t more, if at all, more than when you go to McDonalds for a combo meal.

  • I love Pete’s. It’s a greasy diner and you know what you’re getting. It’s cheap and you can order breakfast any time. It’s important to note, though, that it’s cash only.

  • better off at Jimmy T’s

  • Love it. Been going every Sunday morning for years. Phenomenal staff, and solid diner food. If this place ever moves, so will I. When ur there, it’s like your hundreds of miles from dc. And, they decorate for all the holidays….. Staff makes the stuff…

  • the food is terrible

    they made bad bacon.

  • I left the comment on the Hunan thread, so I love Pete’s. But I rarely get the diner food, except for the unremarkable grilled cheese that comes with the excellent pumpkin ginger soup special. They also make a rotating veggie combo – I’m not a vegetarian but these – and the little lentil-roti wraps that come with the concubine’s beef – are the most interesting things they make. They make some interesting off-the-menu desserts as well, like a hot brown rice pudding.

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