Judging Restaurants – Ken’s Carry Out

Ken’s is located at 400 Florida Ave NW. I have to be honest, last weekend was the first time I walked by and saw the doors open. I always thought they were closed and in my mind were just the place with the cool mural. This place is obviously a take-away place rather than super fine dining in a proper restaurant but when I went inside to look around a patron said they had great sandwiches and breakfasts. So I’ll throw it out to you guys – how’s the food? Any must order items?

Ed. Note: BACA noted it was for sale back in August for $249k.

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  • I live down the street from Ken’s. Their hours seem pretty random, though I’ve seen them open more lately. I’ve eaten there once, I got fried chicken. It was good, but nothing I would gush over. They seem like the kind of place that gets by on a small group of regulars, everybody that came in while I was waiting knew the owners by name and everybody chatted pleasantly.

  • One of the few places left that still fries chicken livers and gizzards. Much better than the ones at the hot bar at Safeway. They could make a bundle if they cleaned up the place, threw down some white tablecloths, and offered small plates of “les foies de poulet.” The breakfast items are pretty cheap, but I think they’re tastier at Sullivans.

  • Every time I walk past that place, I wonder why they painted that gorgeous, psychedelic mural on the side of the building, but they didn’t bother to touch up the ancient, fading signs?

  • I live a couple of doors down from this place. I never really get the appetite for fried chicken so I don’t eat there. The thing that I hate about this place is actually some of the clientele. Every morning when I walk my dog down the street past this place, there are shitloads of eaten chicken wing bones all over the place. The people who eat here just find it fit to throw them all over the sidewalk every single day that this place is open. The owners do nothing about this, they don’t clean any of it up. I do have to say that I enjoy the mural and believe that it brightens up the neighborhood.

  • I live a block away and their irregular hours has been a huge turn off. I think about going to grab a quick breakfast but never know if they’ll be open so I just go to Dunkins’ a block further.

  • A general question: is it somehow against the law for carryouts to wash their windows?

  • Judging from the expose of Monkey Erotica on DCist from last year, its same to say that he enjoys his food. Immensely.

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