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I just noticed this place last weekend on H St, NE (sadly I now realize I didn’t write down the exact block, I wanna say somewhere between 5th and 8th on the north side of the street). Anyway, I couldn’t find out much about them on the web so I’m wondering if anyone has checked them out yet? Do you know when they opened? And of course – how’s the bbq?

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  • If you ever feel like expanding your horizons, try the food at Biergarten Haus. It’s great.

    • The food at Biergarten Haus is aweful. They couldn’t even manage a decent saurkraut. The laugenbretzel was the only decent item, but seriously you can’t mess up a laugenbretzel anyway. The beer selection is great, though.

    • by the posts i’ve read of yours just on my lunch break, you’re 0 for 2.

  • Ya, Biergarten food isn’t great. its good at best

    • Actually, it’s pretty good. You probably just don’t know your German food too well. Don’t worry though, it’s a common problem here in the new country.

      • Oh Rickster, having had eaten at the Hofbraeuhaus once does not a connoisseur of German food make. I lived there for just under a decade, part of the time in Bavaria… the food at the Biergarten Haus is not good. You need to try the real stuff, if you think the Biergarten’s food tastes good you’ll love the authentic German food!

      • 0 for 3!

  • 650 H St NE- used to be Platinum Catering. I’d say it’s only been open a month or two. Have not tried it yet.

  • The food at Biergarten Haus is definitely not good and I know good German food. (I wouldn’t go so far as to say awful, but it’s solidly not good and overpriced.)

    As for this place, I’d love to try it and I am curious as to what others think.

    • I was born in Germany and I know good German Food too. And I will tend to agree that it is excellent at Biergarten Haus.

      • I love this, born in Germany, but obviously didn’t grow up there. I’m guessing military. Nope, the food sucks. Seriously people, you’ve got to go to Germany to try the good stuff! You can’t get good German food in DC, anywhere. I’m so sorry you think the bad stuff is that good.

        • saf

          Sure you can – comes out of my kitchen.

        • Anonymous, there’s a difference between actually living in Germany and imagining you did for the purpose of posting snarky comments on a blog post. Biergarten Haus has terrific food and your incessant posts would make me question your taste, if you weren’t so cowardly anonymous!

          • I’ve never lived in Germany nor even visited Germany, so I neither know nor care how authentic the food at Biergarten Haus is, but I do know that it is terrible.

            If this is what authentic German food is like, then German food is also terrible. Although I still don’t care.

  • Granted, over a month old, but Sietsema salted their pretzels with this review.


  • All I’ve found about this joint is this very strange website — http://vodpod.com/watch/4537473-chucks-wagon-bbq

  • I like the food at all the places mentioned above, so THERE!

  • I had no idea there were so many German food lovers in the neighborhood! Shall we try to get together a potluck and have some homemade goodness that would put the restaurants in town to shame?

  • Chuck’s Wagon BBQ is at 650 H St, and the BBQ is the real deal. They are open on weekends only for now. The ribs and pulled pork are delicious – even with no BBQ sauce. Their home-made sauces are delicious and make the food taste even better.

  • What makes Chuck’s Wagon “the real deal?” Where do they smoke their meats? What kind of smoker do they use?

    I used to live around the corner from here and would have LOVED a real ‘cue joint in the neighborhood. But if this is anything like Rib Tip was then it’s just a tease.

    I’m looking forward to checking this out this weekend to see for myself.

  • I found this article on Chuck’s Wagon. I am going to check them out this weekend.


  • Found this review on yahoo

  • I tried it all! Of course, with other people. Let’s just say – “it’s all good”! It’s a carry-out that whose specialties are ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, home made sauces, and the tasty sides that usually go with BBQ like mac n’ cheese, greens, potato salad, etc. I think they’re only open on the weekends for now. That being said, I say – “WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD”! I LOVE THE SMELL OF A GOOD BBQ.

  • I just had their bbq and it was pretty good. I had the ribs and they tasted like I was in Texas.There sides were only soso. I had the greens and the mac and cheese and I can say I have had much better.

    • Hello deb…I am the pastry chef for chucks wagon and I want to invite you stop by and have a free dessert on me! I appreciate your comment on the cupcake and hope that I can wow you with your next selection. Just let me know when you will stop in again. Thanks for your support.


  • Hey everyone,
    Thanks for all of your comments. Chuck here from Chuck’s Wagon BBQ. Chuck’s Wagon BBQ began as a catering operation based out of Bowie MD. Through growth and an opportunity from the folks at inspire cafe, we opened Chuck’s Wagon BBQ (carry out) at 650 H St. NE Washington DC. We opened initially on Saturdays’ and Sundays to train staff, quickly discovered that Sundays on H St. were very slow and changed our days to Fridays and Saturdays.

    We recently opened full time and our hours are 11-3 Monday through Thursday and 11-7 Friday and Saturday. Yes the hours are still somewhat limited, that’s because we pride ourselves on being a community based operation and are allowing the community to dictate our hours and what they would like to see on the menu. We are getting great feedback from the community, our neighbors and the weekend after hour’s crowd. I truly appreciate all of your comments regarding our food, while we realize everyone’s palate is different, we are committed to bringing the area what it hasn’t had in quite some time, real slow smoked southern BBQ.

    At Chuck’s Wagon “We don’t sauce our ribs because we don’t have anything to hide” Real BBQ enthusiasts know that sauce is a condiment. We worked very hard on our rubs and seasonings to enhance the flavor of the meat, so why hide it under a mound of sauce unless the product is substandard.

    With the introduction of new staff our menu is expected to grow as well as our sauce selection to include our hot and spicy sauce, North Carolina vinegar based sauce, white BBQ sauce and a DC staple Mumbo sauce. Look for us in the food section of the Washington Post 11-10-2010 and as always we thank you for your support.

  • Chuck again from Chuck’s Wagon. Due to irreconcilable differences with our leaseholder, Chuck’s Wagon BBQ has decided to close it’s H Street location . The community made us feel welcome and we loved the feedback – even the negative. We love the new vibe in the area, and hope to be a part of it’s future. But you don’t have to go without our great BBQ. Please consider us for your catering needs. See ya soon!

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