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  • They have really good margaritas and the chicken fajita comes with a huge amount of chicken.

  • I like the food and drink ther but sometimes Its so noisy can’t here the people at mown table

  • Yuck. Crappy tex-mex that gets overfluffed by the masses. Drinks are good.

  • Bistec Cubano with THE best herb and oil sauce and fried platains. Oh and mahi mahi tacos with that killer, bright green cilantro sauce.

  • Anyplace that serves good chile rellenos and also offers a kid’s menu is OK by me.

  • jburka

    It’s owned by the Lauriol Plaza folks, with mostly the same menu, which probably tells you everything you need to know about:

    Decent tex-mex with large portions at very reasonable prices.

    Great chips and salsa

    It’s not worth waiting in line. I don’t know if the lines are as crazy as they used to be; perhaps 2 Amys shouldered some of that load

    It’s a nice neighborhood spot; go if you live nearby or are in the neighborhood for other reasons — don’t drive across town to go there.

    Also, if you go there with my father, be prepared to hear him complaining about carrying cases of liquor up the stairs from the basement as a kid, as it was then Burka’s Liquor, my grandfather’s store. He never seems to get tired of complaining about this.

  • I find the food very bland. That neighborhood needs more commercial establishments because this nice but mediocre restaurant is always packed.

  • shocker! another cleveland park clunker.

    truthfully though, this is what the neighborhood deserves: bland tex-mex food that’s likely overpriced and inauthentic. The gringos don’t deserve true authentic food, they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    • Oh jeez…give it a rest.

      Sure, it’s bland tex-mex, and no, it’s not what you’d get in the Zona Rosa in Mexico City, or a Yucatan Pibil dish, but it delivers exactly what you expect (*AMERICAN* tex-mex) at a very reasonable price, with wonderful margaritas. The fact that it’s a pleasant outdoor dining spot in a more hoity-toity part of town and still manages to be reasonable puts it FAR FAR FAR ahead of some of the pretentious and expensive jokes popping up in hipster-ville (CH, AdMo – DomKu much?).

      I really dig this place when I’m in the mood for tex-mex, though my main tastes run more to the likes of Bistro de Coin or Montmartre (definitely better at the latter).

      I rate this up there with say, the Rib Pit. Excellent for what it is and what the expectations are. We recently tried the slightly more ambitious place next door (can’t recall the name) and were sorely disappointed.

      • we are only allowed to like the pinnacle of cuisines in their most authentic forms.
        please move back to somewhere you average person you.

      • Sure, I’ll give the truth a rest. My fault.

        American Tex-Mex can still be really good, however, this is not. I’d rather spend my money on something that’s more pretentious as opposed to this garbage which I could fashion in my kitchen (which, by the way, would taste better and I wouldn’t need to drive to). If I get a craving for bad tex-mex and I don’t feel like cooking, Jesus created Taco Bell for a reason.

        I wouldn’t even describe this area as hoity-toity. I describe this area as boring and soulless. See the “locals” sit and eat outside. See them ruin culture. Fascinating.

        Thank you, Cactus Cantina.

        • “See them ruin culture”? Seriously?

          I personally don’t like Georgetown or the types of people it attracts, but I think your statements go a bit far!

          • It’s not Georgetown, it’s CP. Georgetown at least has a culture, regardless if one things it’s great or terrible.

            Cleveland park is devoid of culture, get it?

        • You sound really depressed. I would hate going to dinner with you. You’d make me cry and tell me I look fat and plain.

        • +100. I like this Dolph person. He or she gets it. Culture is important. Food is important. Standards are important. We’ve collectively lowered the bar so far we’re tap dancing on it.

    • dolphinboy,
      was your pinky raised when you were typing that?

      • Why would my pinky be raised? Because I said the food is bland and inauthentic? Is that inaccurate?

        I’ll lower my standards because you think I’m elitist. That will serve society in the long run. Thanks for correcting me. I’ll eat there all the time now.

        You guys have really opened my eyes up and made me realize that standards are pointless. Now I’ll go watch M. Night Shyamalan movies and listen to Dave Matthews Band. The world you’ve opened me up to is really riveting. Look what I’ve been missing: a great, bland, soulless world.


        • Now I’ll go watch M. Night Shyamalan movies and listen to Dave Matthews Band.

          Ok, now that was funny. Seriously though, M. Night and DMB cost full fare…they are not cheap…and they are pretentious. I really don’t think CC pretends to aspire to be anything but cheap pitchers of margaritas…

    • It’s not Cleve Park. It’s like two blocks away from the National Cathedral.

  • The food isn’t anything special… but the frozen mojitos are wonderful… go sit at the bar.

  • Blah, HATE this place. Horrible food, drinks, service.

  • an over-packed, kid-friendly version of Lauriol Plaza for people who no longer have the privilege of going to LP for happy hour.

  • Why would you ever go here with delicious TwoAmy’s right next door? TwoAmys wont satisfy your TexMex craving…but then again I’m pretty certain CC wont either.

  • CC does benefit from having slightly fewer screaming children than 2Amys.

  • And 1.5 miles up the road, the new Pete’s is excellent and has noticeably fewer screaming children.

  • jburka,

    I remember your grandfather’s liquor store on that Wisconsin Avenue corner.

    Of these two high volume successful sister establishments it’s funny to note:

    There’s a picture of owner Raul Sanchez with Clinton at the Lauriol Plaza entry and a picture of Bush at the Cactus Cantina entrance.

  • I will get hate for this, but Cactus has the best Tex-Mex fajitas in DC. There, I said it. Everything else on the menu, though… not so much. Stick to the grill and the frozen margaritas and you’ll be fine.

  • Go for the drinks, tolerate the food.

  • wacala (Mexican Spanish for gross). seriously folks this is not even good tex mex. Chiles rellenos are stuffed bell peppers not poblano peppers. Not cool in my book.

  • For Tex-Mex I’ll always prefer the spot on Upper Connecticut that used to be known as La Lomita Dos. I can’t remember the new name, but it’s mostly the same menu and staff.

  • I had sex in the bathroom in about 1996. That should keep most people away…

    • “briefly” had sex in the bathroom? Did you leave your partner unsatisfied like the CC food?

      BTW – I don’t think there’s a better testimonial for a good margarita than sex in the bathroom

    • the mens’ room or the ladies’ room?

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