Judging Restaurants – BLT Steak

BLT Steak is located at 1625 I Street, NW. Their Web site says:

“Sharing a neighborhood with the White House, BLT Steak in Washington, DC brings our interpretation of the Modern American steakhouse to the capital. The menu showcases raw bar selections, our signature warm popovers, and top-notch steak and fish which are complemented by a selection of sauces like Peppercorn or Red Wine and satisfying sides such as Grilled Asparagus and Hash Browns. The private dining room is the ultimate space for business lunches, cocktail parties and other special occasions.”

You can see their menus here. Any fans?

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  • not a fan. really expensive, not very good.

  • I ate here with my husband and a friend…their steaks (NY Strip) were fantastic and mine (hanger steak) was OK (I’ve had delicious Hanger steak at Bistro du Coin for way less). Our check was $270 before the tip, INSANE. Next time our carnivore friend came to visit we spent $60 on steaks at Whole Foods and cooked them at home, they were awesome 🙂

  • Like most steak houses in DC, they’re good at either the steaks, sides, or service but never all three. The steak and the salads were expense account expensive, but good. The sides were weak. The service on par with what you’ll find in a concentration camp. Go to Ray’s; the one in Ward 8 is ridiculously cheap and the steak is far superior.

  • I’ve never been here because I don’t eat steak. Is it worth it for anything else?

  • The food is excellent. I’ve been there a dozen times and service has always been great. Do people around here complain so much about how expensive these places are because they spent way too much on their tiny condo and can’t afford to go out very often?

    • I think people complain about how expensive these places are because crucial factors (food, ambiance, service) are not good enough to be worth the cost. Those of us who can cook decently at home go out to eat mainly for the experience. If the experience is sub-par and the food is something we could make at home, then we should not be paying a premium for it.

      (note: I am not speaking specifically for this restaurant as I’ve never been here).

      • @Anon12:03, PoP asked if we were fans of the place. based on my experience and tastes, BLT isn’t that tasty and is really pricey to boot. you can disagree, that’s reasonable, but my opinion is not based on my income or how much i pay for where i live–it’s just based on taste and price. if i’m taking folks out for lunch, i’ll go a lot of places before BLT. you and the others who keep it in business obviously don’t share my reservations. but that’s not because i’m cheap or poor.

    • People on this blog complain about any restaurant that isn’t a dirty hole up in CH or over by H St. Those, they claim, serve the best food in the whole entire universe. Restaurants in other areas are alwyas too expensive and have horrible service (to them).

      And yes, people on this blog do almost nothing but complain.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        So you’re complaining about people complaining. I love it! You can see what you want to see. There are 5 positive comments here, 1 mixed review.

        And for the record your comment is completely inaccurate. But keeping seeing what you want to see because it makes me laugh.

        • And you’re complaining about someone complaining about someone complaining about people who complain! HA!!!!!

  • Their title sounds delicious but I’ve never eaten there, would never spend that type of money on one meal unless it was my last.

  • I only go when someone else is paying! But the popovers are awesome.

  • Ate here once when I had a really fancy job. Most memorable thing was the popovers. I didn’t get a chance to try the Kobe beef though, which is what I hear is their main attraction.

  • the canonball sized gruyere popovers before the meal are amazing. i used to splurge for this place before long international trips. it’s great, but it’s definitely a splurge. go when someone’s in town with an expense account.

  • Expense account place for sure. There’s a lot of places to get a good teak in DC, this one doesn’t stand out.

  • We’ve received two gift certificates here but wouldn’t go otherwise for the some of the reasons listed above. Though the porterhouse for two was incredible. If you’re there with a date I highly recommend it.

  • Word has it Laurent Tourondel has nothing to do with the company anymore.

  • I do know that the fried pickles at BLT Burger in Vegas were some of the best anything I’ve ever eaten. Yes, fried pickles. And I love good food. Holy moly.

  • Successful restaurants happen for a reason. Its not luck or a secret formula that magically makes our restaurant a star.

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  • I like the food there. The chicken liver pate is to die for, and free if you order any food… The oysters are good. I like sitting at the bar.

    But then again, I’ve never spent my own money there, so not sure if worth it.

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