Judging Buildings – SIS Building at American University

As a graduate of the School of International Service (MA ’99) all I can say is – this is bull shit! I went to classes in a shack compared to this. Alright, alright, I’m happy for the current and new students. This building is great!

A couple photos of the inside after the jump.

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  • Puhleese…At least your tuition money didn’t go towards a school you had nothing to do with.

    I graduated this past May as a CAS/SOC major and do you even know where the majority of SOC classes are held? Probably not. We have one floor, that’s right, one floor dedicated to all of our concentrations: Film and Media Arts (i.e. photography and film), Journalism (two and a half computer labs) and only half of the SOC professors have offices on that floor.

    I will say it’s quite a lovely building with a pretty sweet graduate study lab in the basement, but a total waste of space and money. I know the old SIS building was crap, but AU didn’t have to go all out on one building when they could’ve spread the wealth to other under-appreciated, but just as notable majors/minors in SOC and CAS.

  • please consider this building as a flag AU is raising about higher green building standards for the campus (it is pursuing LEED) and as a fund-raising opportunity for the campus at large because it is meant as both.

  • saf

    Also an AU grad (MA, Arts Management). I spent my grad school career in the basement of Kreeger. They opened Katzen the year after I graduated.


  • Yeah, I spent my grad school career in the basement of the Ward Circle building.

    No sunlight, ever. It was scury-tastic.

    This is a beautiful new building though, I must admit.

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