Judging Buildings – 2212 11th St, NW (In-Progress)

It’s been a while since we checked on this pop up (and out). Here’s what it looked like back in June. I have a suspicion I know where the votes are gonna go on this one but I’m still holding out some hope it’ll turn out ok. Any possibility it’ll turn out ok?

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  • I actually really like it. I think it is a huge improvement to the block.

  • Looks ok to me. Certainly doesn’t fit in with the rest of the block. I’d like to see the floor layout to see how it looks inside.

  • I walk my dog by hear every day. One thing I can’t figure out is why they didn’t just totally tear down the old row house. This used to be a two story, probably 1000 sqft row house much like the ones on 12th Place. I have a historic preservation background so I TOTALLY get renovating/restoring an old house; however, they basically gutted everything, used the exterior walls and built up and back. If you look closely even in this picture, there’s a giant crack down the wall of the original structure (bottom right of building) and it looks crappy up close. They’re not finished so I assume they have a plan to tie it together but they certainly didn’t save any money by doing it this way. Strange…

  • Any chance of instilling character in a pop-up or any new construction would require a significantly greater investment in brickwork and design that they were obviously not willing to provide. Thus we get a cheap-new-look result. In this particular case, whoever was the architect had little imagination or zero budget.

  • This is another case of U Street corridor development where everyone will say it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the block, yet of course it does since in this area you have modern architecture everywhere. I believe this building is about a 45 second walk from the Lacey so I would say it fits in fine. As far as I can tell from the pictures it looks nice. One new construction in the area that did not turn out so good is the three story monstrosity across the street from the Rhapsody on W Street, right next door to Darnell’s that uses what looks to be that pastic siding material they sell at Sears.

  • unremarkable, suburban. average.

  • Permitting is much easier for an existing structure as opposed to new construction.

  • walking by every day, i’m not sure about the construction. it looks fine, generally fits the neighborhood. But seriously, this thing has been under construction seemingly forever.

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