I Hope You’re Sitting Down – Hitching Post For Sale

When I first heard about this late last night I felt like I got punched in the stomach. It’s not that it was a huge surprise as they’ve been open for over 40 years but it’s one of those places that you feel like will be around for ever. It’s the type of place that needs to be open for ever. Given all the discussions of race and crime and hate this is one place that you never have to worry about. Patrons are black and white and the owners are equally kind to all who enter. I feel like I overuse the term gem in the city sometimes but if any place warranted such a description it is this one.

The Hitching Post is located at 200 Upshur St, NW (across the street from the Old Soldiers Home) at the corner of Rock Creek Church Rd, and Upshur. They serve the most gigantic portions you’ve ever seen. (This was the title of the first People’s District interview here with the Hitching Post’s owner Mr. Carter.)

And this probably means that one of the last classic juke boxes in the city is nearing its final days. I’m sure it’s possible that whoever buys the new place will keep it a restaurant/bar, and I certainly wish whoever buys this space the best, but it is safe to say we are nearing the end of an era.

The property is currently on the market for $850,000.

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  • Awful news. This place is a DC institution. Any place that considers mac and cheese a vegetable is a holy land in my book!

  • this is terrible news.

  • Is it still open? I need to get over there quick!

  • That block of Upshur is in dire straits. How the city ever thought giving a Class A liquor license to the M&S market on that block was a good idea is beyond me. That place sells to minors, drunk people, and there is always a ready supply of people panhandling or offering food stamps to get their poison. The shootings and drug dealing (including El Limeno) is also out of control. Unless somebody keep the Hitching Post open it’ll only get worse.

    This is VERY sad for a lot of reasons, not only the loss of the good food and better people that run the place.

    • Maybe Fat Daddy’s can spark a renaissance. It’s shameful because that area should be ripe for decent business. Plenty of families around there who want decent food/takeout. The old timers at the ARFH could use a watering hole. As could some of the younger couples moving in. Who do we talk to to get a decent business out there?

  • This sucks.

  • I blame the gentrifiers…


  • An older couple who deserve a happy retirement. I’ll miss it, but they should have a chance to relax after 40 years in a tough trade.

  • As an aside, the comment about the juke box is one to note as well. I hate, hate, hate the proliferation of internet juke boxes in bars in this city. Temperance Hall was so much worse after getting rid of their awesome jukebox for an internet one (not to mention all the other negative changes). You are basically elimating the ability of a bar to set a general tone, and maybe even introduce you to some cool new music, in favor of a bunch of random, likely overplayed songs picked by drunk people. Do I REALLY need to hear Don’t Stop Believing again?

    • That just goes to show that the people in this city pretty much have a singleminded taste in music. Otherwise if there was a variety of characters you WOULD be exposed to an even wider range of music requested by all the random people.

  • Unreal…my dog will be bummed about the decreased number of discarded chicken bone ‘treats’ he finds on our walk along Rock Creek Church Rd! I’m really sorry to hear this news. I hope whoever buys keeps a similar operation going.

  • We were just over there yesterday and wondering what this place was! It was closed – I guess for the Columbus Day holiday so we will have to return! Had driven by there many times but ever even noticed it before, but yesterday we decided to visit the Lincoln Cottage and had a walk around the block and stumbled across the Hitching Post and were VERY curious! There were police cruisers in abundance on Upshur though…not sure if it was related to other posts here, or with the recent shootings in Petworth, but either way, implied problems on the block. The visit and walk got us thinkin’ and wonderin’ what a coordinated effort between the Lincoln Cottage organizers/administrators and a tour bus operator and the Lincoln Memorial might do to promote the Cottage and bring more visitors to the area…take it a step further, and dare I say with a restaurant or two and a couple of shops, you could have a little pocket of tourism-based economic development on that block. In any event, will have to visit the hitching post before it is gone…too bad.

  • Is there a business development group focused on the Upshur corridor? How does this fit within the city’s plans around Georgia Avenue?

  • That is probably the saddest news Petworth could get. That does it…I am moving!

  • Nothing sad about a couple retiring from a beloved neighborhood business to enjoy their golden years somewhere OUT of the kitchen, hopefully.

  • Sad for the patrons. Happy for the owners. I HEART their sausage, egg, and cheese. And their spinich. And the fried chicken. And the mac n’ cheese. Bless that place.

  • You could see it coming for years though. No one survives with the randoms that keep you going if you take over an hour to be served with under 5 people in the restaurant. I’ve been there many times and witnessed Mr. and Mrs. Carter yell at each other essentially while customers watched. Mrs. Carter took 20 minutes to even start the order.

    I know we want community business to thrive, but customer service needs to be paramount to any surviving restaurant. I, too, hope this stays a restaurant. One as community focused as the Hitching Post. The delicious, huge servings will be missed but I’m excited to see who’ll tackle that prime real estate.

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