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  • Whatever the investigation yields, this young man died under pitiful circumstances, irrespective of who or what contributed to his death. Glad to see such a strong acknowledgment of that.

  • That situation was all n all a tragedy for everyone . I did have the pleasure of Knowing Mr Ali . He was the security at at my job site . Good Guy and all around normal guy. Second I heard about the shooting in front of 4312 Georgia ave. I called a friend who lives in that building and he said that it took place right in front of his window (he lives on the ground floor ) and he happens to be on section 8 and now he is trying to leave that building that was the final straw for him.
    Then Tonight I get home and there is a shooting across the street on Longfellow I saw medical personel remove the victim (Heard the Shots) and watched the Homicide Detectives arrive WOW

  • I wonder if the DC9 employees who were released and charged with aggravated assault were in attendance?

  • Glad to hear there was a big turn out in memory of this man. I hope justice is served and that the people involved in this vicious crime do not walk away just because they are acquainted with Jim Graham or other politicians. The owner of DC9 and his security team needed to hold this man and call the police and not take justice in their own hands. A brick and a broken window are not reason for beating a person to death…seriously what is wrong with people.

  • Anyone have any idea how these DC9 guys were charged with the lesser crime of aggrevated Assualt? Seems like somehow the DC Medical Examiner’s thinks they were not totall responsible for the death…

    • It simply means that the ME has not yet determined the cause of death. Blood tests can take a while, and are just part of the routine of ruling out other potential causes of death before ruling it a homicide.

    • It means that without testing it was not immediately evident to the ME that he died from being beaten to death. The charges can still be upgraded if they do find proof.

  • Sounds to me some people are judging these men before they had their time in court. Tragic and unfortunate that this man died, but let’s not condemn 5 men if they are innocent. There are to many conflicting stories here, and I thought the medical examiner hasn’t made a ruling yet?

    I’m not condoning an act of violence, I just believe we still live in a country where we are innocent until proven otherwise.

  • I question if it was the DC9 employees or the MPD who caused this man’s death. Witness accounts suggest he was not in bad shape when he was taken into custody. Maybe a combination of both – like a diabetic who is taken for a drunk, the police probably ignored signs of organ damage because he was drunk and belligerent at the time.

    • He was taken away by ambulence, not by police car.

    • There was another man who broke a window earlier who was taken away in handcuffs. I think people were confusing the two.

      • Oh. Wow, I didn’t know that. So DC9 folks were busy making enemies that night. I wonder why the previous guy broke a window, it will be interesting to hear him/her.

        • I’m pretty sure the answer is that he was drunk. A lot of drunks break a lot of stuff at bars all over the city every night. You’d be surprised at how some people behave, and how other customers most often do not find out.

  • Where is the DC Medical Examiner’s report? It’s been 5 days since the event. I was told that a report should be released within 72 hours. Am I misinformed? I think it’s a little fishy that it’s taking so long (but long enough for people to get their stories straight).

    • That is my fear. The accused now have had ample time to come up with a story line since they have been released. I would have liked an extensive interview with each right after the event.

    • Budget cuts, no overtime allowed, and at least 6 other corpses to deal with. And the victim is black and Muslim, so he’s at the bottom of the list.

  • “was peaceful and full of respect for human life.”

    Except for anyone on the receiving end of the brick he threw.

    • Didn’t you hear? just like you probably think DC9 suspects are innocent, you have no proof that Ali ever tossed a brick. Especially with the new information where there was another man who had already broken the club’s window earlier that night (probably not an Immigrant Ethiopian). Sorry to tell you, but this club is toast. Go do your drugs in another club. No need to defend the alleged criminals just so that your sweet little hangout remains open.

  • Good riddance to criminal scum.

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