House of the Day

I love the third level porch here. It is really very rare among row houses I’ve seen. This one is from Shaw.

What do you think – do you like the third floor balcony or would you rather have it as living space?

Oh yeah, I also dig the window that sticks out in the alley (see below):

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  • third floor balcony? awesome
    jutting out over the alley? also awesome

    overall? awesome

  • Yeah, A+ house.

  • There’s another one in Shaw like this — at least one. Love the balcony.

    I know this isn’t a pop up, but if there were a way build a pop up that looked like the top floor of this — sexy.

  • Projecting window in alley is called an oriel.

  • Projecting window looks like a box bay; oriel windows are rounded with a half-turret roof, generally…

    Anyway, I love these old consumption porches! At the rate we’re going re-acquiring long-vanished diseases, this porch may come in handy again.

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