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  • everytime i walk past i take a picture of this house! it never does it justice though. much better in real life!

    • you take a picture every time you walk by? creepy!

      • i don’t live anywhere near it…so it is not as often as it sounds. i have probably walked by three times in one year. i don’t think that is creepy. i am admiring it in different light/seasons

  • I love that house.

    You might not be able to see it well but I think there ia a rather large secondary structure behind it that is part of the property. Would love to know what that building is used for.

    • I just went on the Capitol Hill renovator’s house tour, hoping this house would be on it, but it was the one next door, which has access to that carriage house behind this house. This house has an awesome second story sleeping porch in the back too. Anyway, that carriage house looked like apartments, but it wasn’t on the tour.

  • what’s the address?

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