Gunfire at 9th and V St, NW Sat. Night

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Thanks to a reader for sending the heads up. It occurred around 11pm Sat. night. MPD writes:

“Shots rang out and couple cars were struck. It appeared they were shooting in the air no one was hurt.”

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  • related to 930 club?? any new info on this?

  • related to Howard homecoming?

  • I don’t think it was related to either the 930 or Howard Homecoming. I live above this intersection and heard the shots. I saw a couple guys run down V immediately after. I wonder if something went down at the gas station on that corner. At least one car was hit and cordoned off on Vermont Ave. south-bound.

  • N.W, man who threatened to kill lady lost mothers court case. Go to court with a lie and you will lose. Maybe it’s connected to the man who threatened to kill a lady who got a house he wanted. He never worked a job and lived off of women and always wanted something for nothing. He drives around in a dark green Landrover, makes false reports of terrorism, and threatened to kill relatives.

  • I live near here too – MPD apprehended 2 guys near 11th and V less than 2 minutes after the first round of shots. Not sure what happened after the second round of shots about 10 minutes later…

  • Is it just me or has the last month reflected an increase in the number of shootings in this area?

    • Most definitely not you. It’s getting crazy out there.

      I have to think that this is the result of (a) too much unemployment in the city, especially across the river; and (b) our ridiculous policy of not locking up any youth offenders. The recent murder of the American U professor should be all the proof you need of (b).

  • No – there has definitely been a spike in activity around here, in a very negative way. LW at its best, I suppose.

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