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  • We need more people like Mr Pinzon

  • I mean, I’m not saying the man isn’t nice, and all. But the video from the other angle shows that the train had already pulled halfway into the station and stopped before he jumped onto the tracks. I would like to think most able-bodied folks would have done the same thing, and he wasn’t in any danger of being squished. Of course, there’s the third rail, but that’s just a matter of being careful.


  • In the second video angle posted by DCist, you can see that the inbound train has already stopped when Mr. Pinzon gets onto the track bed.

    Any rescue or first aid class will tell you that the number one rule is, Do not, while trying to help someone else, become another person who needs rescuing. Mr. Pinzon acted courageously but I don’t think wisely in going over those power lines. On the other hand, it’s useful to see how he did it.

  • I bet the DC9 people wouldn’t have helped.

  • The first guy who ran toward the train waving his hands is someone who really deserves an accolade or two. He reacted quickly and smartly. In fact, I noticed a lot of people were reacting in a way that showed they were trying to help — some were running up toward the station manager, for instance. All in all, it looks like many people were doing one of the several things that should be done when something like this happens.

    • +1

      Why is it that Pinzon get all the credit of being a hero, when it is was the people waving their arms, notifying the station manager, and the motorman of the train that made all the difference in this situation?

      I am seriously disgusted by our culture’s hero worship fetish.

  • That made my day.

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