Good Deal or Not? “You will be mesmerized” edition

This home is located at 954 Florida Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Be Enticed By the Allure that is this cozy, newly renovated Townhome. You will be mesmerized by the State of the Art Kitchen appliances, beautiful hardwoods floors and luxurious bathrooms. Stepping out of your paradise you will find all the conveniences offered by the City, the “U” Street Corridor which offers shopping, eateries, Nearby Metro and night life alike. A True MUST SEE!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

I think this may be the first 1 bedroom row house I’ve ever seen. Do you think $379,999 sounds reasonable for this 1 bed/2 bath?

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  • considering the home the was showcased yesterday, this is a horrible deal.

  • adj. co·zi·er also co·si·er, co·zi·est also co·si·est. 1. Snug, comfortable, and warm. 2. Marked by friendly intimacy.

  • “Mesmerized” . . . that’s some funny shit.

  • It’s not way out of line but I think $340-350 would be better. On this block this house sold for $387 a few months ago and it looks like it was in much better condition, and also has 2BR.

  • 360 square feet!?!? On three floors!?!? You’re outta your mind for that much. My cubicle stacked on top of itself twice is bigger than that!

    • This comes up every time. 360 sq. feet is the lot size, not the interior footage. Still, it is tiny.

      • So…assuming no backyard, it’s 720 sq ft. That’s pretty small for the money.

        • No, if the house is 3 levels as the listing states, it would be 1080. Assuming no yard whatsoever, of course.

          • Did you look at the picture? The house is 3 levels.

          • I mean 2, obviously.

          • It has a basement…

          • First of all I’m not sure that’s the case (there’s no mention in the listing) and 2nd of all basements aren’t calculated into the sq footage of a house, unless they’re livable space.

          • Read the listing again… it clearly states there’s a basement.

          • I don’t know about square footage, but basements count as a level in the DC area. I was surprised when I first moved here that this was the case– where I’m from the level counting starts above the ground.

          • Ok, I do see now that there’s a basement but there’s no indication that it’s finished- so it’s basically a storage unit, which is something, but it doesn’t add to the sq footage of the house. It’s like if a condo has a parking space or something, it’s just an extra ammenity.

  • I think the listing agent mistakenly used “mesmerized” in place of “stupefied”.

    • Yeah, I had also seemed to remember that we’d seen 1br rowhouses before also. Interesting that that one still hasn’t sold- it’s definitely the better house- nicer block, nicer interior, but probably needs to have another $20-30k shaved off the price.

    • The one featured in March is 3x’s the size of this one for only $70k more.

      • and the one featured in March (which is still on the Market, btw) is on a quieter, nicer block.

        That corner is seriously noisy with all the cars turning off Sherman onto FL or VT.

        Tiny and overpriced.

  • This seems high for the size and neighborhood, but I do like the idea of 1-bedroom houses. I know so many people who felt they had to buy some horrid condo in the suburbs because it was all they could afford, but for the same price (and no condo fees) they could have owned a house in the city.

    • Horrid condos in the suburbs cost considerably less than the $380K they are asking for this place!

      • Not really.

      • “Horrid condos in the suburbs cost considerably less than the $380K they are asking for this place!”

        Depends on which suburbs. In PG county, sure. In Arlington, forget it. My cousin bought 1-bedroom in Arlington a couple years ago for around $350k. It’s in an old building with no shared areas except a small lobby, the metro is far away and you have to cross several busy streets to get there, and the condo fees are astronomical. I don’t think it’s worth saving $20k to be in that situation (and who’s to say you can’t negotiate this property down by that much?).

  • It’s so “granite Laiden” in the bathroom. Color me mesmerized!

    (Maybe if they threw in a season subscription to the 930 Club, I’d think about it … where’s the cross-marketing here??)

  • I feel sooooo much better about my Petworth house size versus price now. I think it’s five times the size of that. Thanks PoP!

  • Why would one need two full baths (or, I guess, one full and one three quarter) in a one bedroom house? 1.5 baths, sure, but 1.75? So odd.

  • Not a single room in that house can be used. What a waste.

  • Great place for people who hate sitting down or laying down.

  • WOW! It needs some serious masonry work. Most of the window arches have collapsed, several bricks are spalling, & the mortar joints are deteriorated. Not to mention they didn’t pull a permit for the renovation.

  • 2 baths for 1 bedroom is odd. Maybe this used to be the other half of the house next to it…

    • I can’t believe so many people are questioning the need for a second bathroom. If I’m on the first floor and it has a bathroom on the 3rd, I’d have to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to it! Plus it’s nice to have an extra bathroom in case the other one needs repairs. I use my extra bathroom to hang and dry clothes, and to wash the dogs. It’s useful to have.

    • The second bathroom is for one half of the couple who might live here. 1.5+ bath one bedroom condos are a little bit of a trend. It’s not like we’re Europeans — we really place an emphasis on bath space.

  • I would buy it simply for its proximity to Duffy’s.

  • Looks like someone got a thesaurus for Hannukah.

    Thanks, mom! Now I can break away from that realtor stereotype of using “charming” every time I want to say “claustrophobic”!

  • whoa. for that can’t you find a 1-bedroom condo that doesnt have the most awkard kitchen layout ever? This looks like a terrible deal.

  • unfortunate location, awkward layout, very small, way too high a price. The one-BR house on Vermont looks like a mansion compared to this.

  • those are possibly the worst, most awkward photos ever. could they possibly show less? judging by the lot size, though, maybe there just isn’t much more to show, or no place to stand to get a bigger shot of each room. for those saying you can get this instead of a condo…true. but with a condo, you might at least get some cool shared spaces and services. with this, you just get teeny tiny rooms right on a busy street. no thanks.

  • I like the foreshadowing… the color that is, because any eventual owner will need a lot of Pepto for the heartburn felt after purchasing.

  • wow, this place is nuts. i could deal with that kind of square footage, but in the form of a one room condo so i could make use of the space. maybe they’ll find a very small person to buy it.

  • Yeah, I’ve seen a couple of these Florida rowhouses – they are TINY TINY TINY – make 12th Place feel palatial!

  • I’ve been in this house. It’s true you need to make every inch count! First (main) floor has the living room and kitchen. Lower floor has a room that could be a den or a bedroom, plus a full bathroom. Second floor has a bedroom and bath and closet. As I recall, there’s a small outdoor space in the front (can’t remember the back). In theory one could also build a cool roof deck!

    Some of these houses on Florida Avenue have very efficient space-savers, like the built-in table/storage area under the stairs.

    This area is close to the Floridian condos and U Street, so it could work out well for someone very efficient and organized!

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