Good Deal or Not? “Lots of period charm” edition

This home is located at 1730 V St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Single family house currently configured as two units. Lots of period charm. 2008 roof, updated main kit w/ granite & stainless. Juliet deck off master br suite. 2nd BR up. Sep. DR up. 1st floor has one bedroom, table space kit. Rear garden. Upstairs tenants on month to month, leaving end of Oct. By appointment only weekdays with limited times. New baby.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

I’ve always loved this strip of houses and have featured many houses and doors of the day so I’m happy to get a peek inside. This home is going for $709,000 and nearby 1734 V St, NW is going for $879,000 ( mouse on house tour here). Which one do you like better?

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  • 1734 V St. is a bona fide hobbit house! It’s not for everyone, but it has amazing potential for the quirky buyer. Really cute.

  • woah. $879K looks like high priced opium den from the 70s.

  • Looks like a great deal! It’s not a single family house, though. And I’m wondering what else they’re not being truthful about… must be a good reason it’s been on the market 118 days.

  • Looks like a nice place but those kitchen cabinets are very Marge Simpson.

    • I agree that the decorating choices are horrid but most of them are easily fixable. All the cabinets need are a coat of paint in a less hideous color.

  • Bizzar choices were made in both houses. I couldn’t work with the layout in either.

  • I’d rather have the 700k house and renovate it to my tastes than the 879k place and live with some of those already-made choices (some of which I really like, btw). That location isn’t for everyone, but there was a time in my life I would have loved to buy there. If all else fails, you will always be able to rent it as a group house and break even.

    The house in question will go for very close to ask, I’m willing to bet. The other will be a tougher sell.

  • talk about poor staging. huge furniture in undersized spaces.

    i LOVE the exterior. the 2-unit thing is a royal pain for anyone who wants to use it as a single family. but if you’re willing to put some renovation dollars into it, could be pretty amazing. house porn potential.

    • Hopefully a single family wouldn’t be buying something like this. The ideal buyer would be someone who qualifies for a $700k property but doesn’t want to spend that much on mortgage and is willing to live in a 1 or 2 bedroom. It’s a nice setup for someone who wants to live near U Street but doesn’t want to live in one of those overpriced condo buildings and pay condo fees.

  • 1734 V was featured in the NY Times “What You Get For $xx” a few weeks ago. I thought it was a very odd layout with some questionable choices then and still do. I do like some of it, but that “mezzanine” room is just strange.

  • What an ugly house inside. Looks like a crappy renovation, too. MMmm — window units.

  • 1614 V St is for sale also at $715,000. There have been 2 sales on the 1600 block of V St that were around $580,000 recently. Both of these needed major work, but as comps they may drag the price down. The house at 1730 has been on the market for 4 months, time to drop the price?

  • I love the mouse on house tours because they give you dimensions. 1734 is a 13 foot wide row house! Whoa.

  • 1734 V st nw is pretty cool. I dont know that I would want to live there, but I thought the layout was really neat/unique. I am big fan of the totally open first floor with kitchen in the middle.

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