Good Deal or Not? “brand new bamboo flooring” edition (Reader Request)

This home is located at 934 Quincy St, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous renovation in Columbia Heights. This large row home has brand new bamboo flooring, Bosh stainless steel appliances, marble bathrooms and private parking w/ a deck in rear. 3 bdrms, 3.5 bath and a fully finished basement. Check out the virtual tour for photos!”

You can find more info here and a mouse on house tour here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $624,900. Do you think it’ll go for that?

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  • A little bit of white trim would have gone a long way. $540k is more like it.

  • Wow. No.

    Those are the same tiles in two bathrooms. Those Ikea cabinets are just fine (Adel medium brown), but you can’t put in $1400 worth of cabinets and ask to pay a premium price for a house that’s not really in Columbia Heights. It’s close to a metro, sure. But there’s a house for sale on Otis and Holmead that’s closer to CH retail, has original woodwork, and is listed at almost $50K less. There’s just no way this house is going to sell for this.

    It’s worth $540K, I think — at most. I hope it sells for this, though. It’d be great for the neighborhood.

  • Also, does one of those upstairs rooms qualify as a legal bedroom? Doesn’t it have to have a window?

  • Bamboo floors are not such a great selling point. You can’t refinish them. I can’t be sure, but it looks like the intake upstairs for the AC is far too small for such a large house. The deck looks cheaply done. And regardless, that’s too much for that area.

  • 550K max

    And I know its not the current sellers fault, but a house that has beeb bought and sold 3 times in the past 3 years, once in foreclosure just screams “issues” to me.

    And maybe I am just an old fuddie duddie but I’ve never understood the whole bamboo fetish. I understand it is “sustainable” which is all the rage now, but when I see all that bamboo flooring all I think is that they were too cheap to put in “actual” hardwood like maple, cherry etc.

    • Bamboo is not cheap yo.

      • Bamboo is $3psf versus heart pine which goes for $19psf.

        You’re always better off refinishing original floors.

        • You’re not always better off redoing original floors – suppose they were damaged or created a problem or distraction with a new floor-plan. It screams no experience in design to assert that there is only one price point for bamboo and pine each! There is crappy pine and there is high-end bamboo out there. Some people like the old details, some relish an open floor plan, so that’s a personal choice. This is a great looking house with a slightly high price point. Hope it goes for that, the location is very convenient to all of upper northwest hot areas and it’s a very short shot to Metro. Furthermore, most bankrutpcy forclosure issues are NOT the house, but the buyer.

    • Even better on the eyes AND the environment is actual reclaimed hardwoods. If you only need a partial match to fill in damaged areas it can be cheaper than tearing out and starting new (but probably not by much). If you need to replace the whole house it’s a different and vastly more expensive story. That I would pay a premium for. Bamboo? Not so much.

  • The house next door sold for $570 last year with a very similar renovation. The location is KEY half block to the metro, SafeWay with a complete renovation slated 1/2 block away. Georgia Ave street scape coming this year, and another Donatelli building in progress on the corner. The sleeper is that the Raymond Rec. Park that the house overlooks in the back goes under complete Rehab. starting in early November. Find me a similar house on metro block in NW… $625?? not sure but I think they come close. Much prefer this area to the congestion of C/H, within walking distance of all including the new/old joints on Georgia and Tivoli North/ upper 14th.

    • on the other hand, that means you’re living with a stinky safeway now and it’ll likely be closed for months or more while it’s being refurbished. And a park behind you is nice unless it’s noisy or people act antisocial (drinking/drugs/lots of noise/loitering/not picking up shit). i don’t know enough about that particular park to say if that’s an issue, but I’d sure want to find out if I were considering that house.

      • it’s not an issue. lots of kids doing after school program til 6 or 7, soccer players on the weekends, and guys playing basketball at night. apparently there used to be drug problems there, but it’s been a long while, and the police are incredibly responsive to any issues there.

        the raymond renovation is going to make it a lot nicer than it is now.

        my guess as to the price is that they’re basing it on this flip:

        i’d say it’s not quite comparable to that one, as it’s a corner property. but if someone’s willing to pay it, i’m willing to have them as a neighbor 🙂 i’m guessing it’ll be closer to mid to potentially upper 500s as well.

  • It’ll sell for that. Its a nice looking house.

  • Amazing that is actually considered Columbia Heights so far up into the Petworth area. What is our western boundary?

    • It’s not Columbia Heights – it’s real estate agents trying to capitalize on neighborhood hipness. I believe the generally accepted CH boundaries are Spring NW to Florida NW between 16th NW and Sherman NW . This is just to the north.

    • saf

      It’s not Columbia Heights. It’s Petworth.

  • It will be broken into from the back (I know from experience), so bars will need to be put on the huge windows in the kitchen. Also, all the bedrooms seem tiny. For once I would like to see a renovated house with full size bedrooms for all those claimed in the ad. Nice to be close to the metro. Hope it sells, but likely will go for less.

    • You know, I just don’t get this obsession with giant bedrooms and houses. We have 3 similarly-sized bedrooms – though our master may be a bit bigger as our master bath is smaller – and a toddler. It’s fine. He’s less than 3 feet tall, so he does great in a room that’s 7.5′ x 10′. If we have a second child, we’ll have to create a guest room in the basement, but our 1600 sq ft upstairs will still be more than enough space for all of us.

      About a year ago, my husband’s friend who grew up fairly wealth in the UK came by. We were giving him the tour and made a somewhat disparaging remark about the size of the baby’s room. The friend pointed out that his bedroom growing up wasn’t a whole lot bigger and that Americans had weird ideas about how much space you really need. And he’s right. Ever watch one of those House Hunters shows where they’re in Europe? Every single bedroom is barely big enough for a queen-sized bed, even with massive amounts of money to spend, and yet they all see it as normal.

      • Consider this. They don’t think much of dental hygiene either.
        I live in 1910 bay fronted house on 13th in CH.
        The front room upstairs is the largest BR in the house which is the full width of the house (15.5 ft) plus 15.5 feet in depth and the bay which is 5 x 8.
        It is a large room. Someone else would have added a master bath to to it and built more closets (it has the tiniest closet in the world) but it would have ruined it as a room.
        I love my big BR so much that it has set a standard for me for future BRs.
        So there.

        • Same. CH rowhouse with a mostly-original floorplan. I’m glad they didn’t try to add a master bath or more closets. I don’t mind sharing a bathroom with my child. I just turned the teeny little front bedroom into a walk-in closet, and it’s perfect. And now that I have furniture (queen sized bed and two full-sized dressers) that fits the room, anything smaller looks unmanageable to me.

          Not that I couldn’t have been happy with smaller space… it’s just hard to go from big to small, once you’ve started accumulating stuff.

        • I live in the same style house as you on the same street. My point was more of a general one and not this house in particular; people on here regularly say that the 3rd bedroom (in this house 8×10) is useless. It’s not. It works fine for a child. Not every room needs to be 20×20, you know? I actually think we’re in agreement somewhat, despite your “so there.”

          I do see your point about adding a master bath and more closets. We didn’t do our bath and don’t love it; we’d have been happy to have one upstairs hall bath, too.

  • Almost none of the houses surrounding the Raymond Park have bars on their windows. The park actually serves as a major deterrent as any would be burglar would be highly exposed. Saturday and Sundays the park is filled with Hipsters and frisbees. I have been scoping these houses for a while, you need to need to see the view onto the park to appreciate.

  • Lived directly across the street for 2 years; not a bad neighborhood. Never had an incident with crime except what I read on here, and my car got broken into one time. Raymond park is not the greatest after dark, but police will sit on 10th street after hours many nights. I’m shocked they’re allowed to list this as C/H when you can literally see the Petworth Metro sign from the street. It’ll sell mid 500’s IMO.

  • These blocks of Quincy are my favorite in all of Petworth! Friends also live on that side of the street and you can see the monument from the upstairs bedroom window when looking over Raymond Park.

  • saf

    I live around the corner – it’s a good neighborhood.

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