Good Deal or Not? “A Beast of a House” edition

This home is located at 807 10th St, NE:

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The flier says:

“A Beast of a House with the Heart of a Home. Calculate the $ per sq ft on this place, count the southern side windows, add up the bedrooms, and you’ll have numbers you can take to the bank. Rare find: Completely updated with retention of traditional and graceful original layout, gleaming heart-pine flooring and beautiful tin-ceilings. If you need space, parking, bsmnt, under $500k, this is it!”

You can find more info and photos here.

Does $498,750 sound reasonable for this 4 bed/2bath?

Interestingly the Redfin listing for a virtual tour sends you to a different nearby home (on accident, I assume). That home is at 1225 I St, NE and is also going for $498,750. You can see the virtual tour here. Which house do you like better?

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  • I liked 1225 I St better but dont know if I would pay that price for it….

  • I like the second one better, and they both seem like decent deals, though a basement is a big plus in the former.

  • overlooking a parking lot isn’t ideal. and being THAT close to a main annd crazy corridor isn’t perfect, but in general that location kicks ass. and the house looks nice. and it has off street parking. and steps away from 2 proposed street car lines.

    i think its a very good deal.

    • Extremely good deal. It’s unusual to find a house south of Trinidad and west of 15th Street that’s under $550k. And this one’s a corner property with parking, to top it off.

  • I St seems more interesting and a better renovation job (at least from the pics)

    • but its also narrower.

        • i guess. but it’s only style is recessed lighting and exposed brick.

          the first house has some crappy light fixtures, and possible linoleum in the kitchen, but it has better space to work with.
          the architectural stylistic differences are minimal and basically cosmetic.

          granted to each their own, but i’m just not seeing how one is vastly more stylish than the other.

        • if having one gigantic open barn from the front of your house to the back is “style,” sure.

          • barn?
            why barn?

          • maybe having no full or half walls or architectural details to split the first floor into any kind of living/dining/kitchen differentiation says “loft” to some. it says “barn” to me. on the plus side, you could set up a bowling alley in there.

          • Hilarious.

            A lot of the Victorians near H Street have this layout and I don’t like it personally. It feels very industrial and I don’t like how you’re looking straight up the stairs when you walk in.

          • Plus a million. Twenty years from now people will be commenting about what a dated 2000’s layout the second house has and lamenting the fact that so many of the beautiful original Victorian layouts were destroyed.

        • oh. like glenn beck.

  • do the kitchen windows of the 1st one look out into the hallway?

  • I’m not a fan of the one-room open floor plan of the second house, but can see how others would like it. The first suits my taste better.

  • Definitely like the first better. it has great charcter and the size/layout is great

    • Agreed. The finishes in the second one might be newer, but I like the width and the old-fashioned features of the first one better (pocket doors, the arch, the floors).

      • +1. A 10×7 “bedroom” like in the second house is pretty much useless for anyone over age 10. I think they’re both good deals, but the first one is a better deal.

  • This is way underpriced. This level of finish usually goes for 400 to 45 per sq ft. This one is about 350.

    I predict a bidding war.

  • 807 does not have parking.

    • Is the Redfin listing wrong? Because it says “Parking included in list price” and “Driveway/Off street” under Parking/Garage.

  • I prefer the first and it seems like a better deal. The second is cool and I really like that block, lots of neighborly people that have probably been there a while.

  • the 10th St location is a MUCH better deal. layout is way more logical, space is bigger, has a basement, semi-detached, and i like their renovation better personally. (yes, i’m aware that the kitchen is lacking granite and stainless. the horror.)

    I St will have a little less hectic location, but i’d still choose 10th St first any day of the week. the second is likely more suitable for those looking for a condo alternative, whereas the first is better for those who want a genuine house.

  • how much do you think these properties will be in 5 years after the trolley goes in? 800k?

  • It’s not a terrible deal, considering the neighborhood is slowly becoming less stabby. Slowly.

  • anon. gardener

    The kitchen floor looks like cork, which would be fabulous.

  • Hmm. I live near here. All I’ll say is there is a reason why there are no pics of the backyard or “parking.” Either way it’s not a bad deal. Getting harder to find homes for under 500k right off of H.

  • I live one block over and I fully admit to lusting after this house. and now that I’ve seen the kitchen, it might be worse. anyone have 500,000 they wanna lend me?

  • h street keeps getting better and better.
    i’d love to see more commercial development action aling some side streets and florida avenue.
    the one long main drag feels very small townish for me.

    i think this is why a lot of people prefer shaw/ u street. theres more of a fullness to the blocks. and its more fun to walk around. not a whole lot to find if you wander off of h.

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