Friday Question of the Day – What Should Fenty Do Next?

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Earlier this week Mayor Fenty confirmed he’s considering becoming a professor at his alma mater Oberlin College to teach political science. So I thought it’d be a fun Friday Question of the Day to either predict or suggest what would be an appropriate next job for him. Where do you guys think he will end up? I don’t know if it’s just me, but is it strange that he might move to Ohio? Would you be surprised if he left DC?

We can also throw this question out there for other Fenty Administration officials (answers can be both serious or joking) where do you think Michelle Rhee will end up? Gabe Klein (he has not resigned but I’m guessing he’s not likely to be asked to stay onto a new administration) from Department of Transportation?

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  • Porn industry!

  • …or other kinds of acting. That could be fun.

  • Please keep Gabe Klein, Mayor Gray!!

  • run for dc senate.

  • Why is odd that he would leave? Half a city just got finished calling him everything but a child of God for six months. I’d tell them to kiss my ass and head to Ohio too. Then laugh as all these fools realize a year from now they traded an admittedly tempermental ace for a broken down old middle reliver who is gonna get shelled.

  • My question is what happens to Chief Lanier? I know she is wildly popular, and my own interactions with her have been extremely favorable, but I understand that the police union doesn’t like her. What will Gray do? If he gets rid of her, he will get off to an extremely unfavorable start in my eyes.

    • Oh, Lanier is definitely gone. Gray got so much union support during the election he’s now going to have to do what they tell him.

    • Some people act as if Gray is going to be slavishly beholden to the unions, but forget that he does not have a political ‘tin ear’ – he knows he would lose boatloads of votes by firing someone as popular as Lanier only to get lots of campaign contributions that would not guarantee anything (see: recent mayoral race), especially if ‘la nina’ is correct and most police are not even voters. So I’d find it highly surprising if he fires someone as popular (and as successful) as Lanier.

    • She is totally, totally gone. Some people like to engage in wishful thinking just like, until this week, many of you were hoping that Gray would “work it out” with Rhee.

      HA HA HA.

      FOP, and in particular local boss Kris Baumann, have secured from Gramps Gray a promise to kick Lanier to the curb for $$$ in bribes… I mean, campaign funds.

  • I so hope he keeps Lanier. She has done a great job and continues to do so.

  • There’s really no such thing as blanket “union support.” The cops weren’t out there stumping for Gray the same way teachers were. Gray doesn’t owe the police union much. I think it’s a very real possibility Lanier could stay. Her severance buyout is huge if Gray does boot her, though. More bullshit red light cameras for sure.

  • Gray hired a high ranking union official, I believe an assistant chief of police whom Lanier demoted twice, onto his personal security detail. I think that tells you where his head is at this time (reported in the Post I think).

    The Post will do a 3-6 month series on the “hidden” crime epidemic in the city, which will be sensationalized. Unattributed complaints will be made by “officials” saying that there’s a cover up and corruption in the police force. A public case will be made that things are worse off and Lanier will be pushed out.

    • I like your creativity, but I can’t see the Post stirring up a campaign against Lanier (though I could see how there may be more crime in the city than the homicide numbers would suggest, but that remains to be proven).

  • Dancing With The Stars!

  • Wrestling Tag Team with Corey Booker?

  • Hair Club for Men spokesman.

  • Write his is ass in!

  • Centerfold of Inches magazine please. It’s gonna suck not having a hot mayor.

  • I’m sorry, but from what I can gather about Fenty’s personality, I think he’d make a horrible college professor.

    And celebrity professors are rarely ever all they’re cracked up to be. Students are there to learn, not just to be graced by the presence of someone who thinks he or she is really important.

  • WRITE IN ADRIAN FENTY ON NOV 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • People are hard to please, every aspect of this city improved in almost all fronts during Fenty’s tenure, except for the ones that feel fine with the status quo. the city is going backwards. I hope Fenty takes advantage of this time to solve issues with public relationships management which was the cause of his lost election and have a deserved comeback.

  • Run for Mayor of DC!

  • I don’t care what he does, as long as he disappears from DC politics.

  • In re: Lanier and union support… there are a lot of police officers who are less than enamored with Kris Baumann and who do NOT agree with their stance on Lanier. The rumors I have heard about the potential next COP are very, very disheartening to me.

    We need someone young, aggressive, forward-thinking, pro-technology.

    If Gray, for example, brings back a certain older, former Assistant Chief who has since retired…. many of us will be very disppointed.

  • Maybe he can walk (or bike) across the country like Forrest Gump!

  • Why doesn’t he run for city council and be a PIA to the new adminstration? You know, like Marion Barry.

  • Gabe Klein,

    Depsite the fact that the GGW crowd are believe Klein is a shoe in, I’ve got good odds he is out.

    He is “popular” with the U street hipster crowd in the same way Barry is “popular” with the Ward 8 crowd. He “gives” you want you want, at the detriment of the entire department and city. Because he is popular with a crowd, doesn’t make him qualified or any good at his job.

    Lets see…he worked for a still horrible struggling glorified car rental company, then his next claim to fame is that he started a catering business and catered the Mayors birthday party. 3 Months later, he was the head of DDOT. Nice guy, I’ve met him a few times but completely unqualified.

    Really…I seriously doubt any of you would consider an employee of Hertz or Budget rent a car as a valid choice to head any department of transportation, let alone one with a 200 million budget and 2 billion dollars of capital projects on the books.

    He has completely screwed the pooch on a huge number of issues:

    1. He completely pissed off Wards 2,3 and 4 with his childlike “speedbump for everyone who wanted one” policy that he then had to sheepishly retract 18 months later.

    2. The capital projects like the 11th street bridge went from a 190 million dollar project to a 300 million dollar project from 2008 to 2009, and we are now a solid year into work and they are at last count 3 months behind schedule. The 14th street bridge went from a 27 million dollarproject to a 45 million dollar project and 18 motnhs after it started is 6 months behind.

    3.He has completly bungled and mishandled the streetcar boondoggle (no connectivity to H street, fallen an additional 2 years behind schedule in the 3 years he has been here etc.) The PA bike lane snafu was a national embarrasment.

    Considering how symbolic the “no more bike lanes and dog parks” chants were with Grays base, Gabe’s head would be an easy gift to those in Wards 7 and 8 who voted him into office.

    Gabe will be back to catering birthday parties by this time next year.

  • He should get caught smoking crack then run for mayor again in a couple of years.

  • Fenty should be re-elected as the write-in for mayor

  • give it up folks.

    no way in hell fenty will win as a write in candidate.

    • So what? Writing-in Fenty because he did a lot of measurably positive things is an proper expression of disgust with the city’s downward political direction.

  • Question of the Day: What really happened at DC9 last night?

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