Friday Afternoon Rental Option – Park View/Petworth

This rental is located at 3634 Georgia Ave NW (above Looking Glass Lounge):

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Large, bright 2Br/1Ba in Col. Heights, with Open floor plan, granite/stainless kitchen, hardwood floors, washer/dryer just 1 block from Metro. Pets Allowed case-by-case.”

Wild. I wonder if this is the former yoga studio space? Anyway does $2200 sound reasonable for this 2 bed/1 bath?

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  • greenroofgoddess

    Not so much, considering that this other rental ( is the same price–with an extra bath, not above a club, and is actually IN Columbia Heights. Just sayin’.

    • The link you provided is to a basement apartment – so it may have it’s own issues. That said, I wouldn’t live above a bar/club or in a basement, so godspeed to whoever ends up living in these apartments!
      PS: this one will consider pets on a case-by-case basis but the other says no pets “no matter how small or how cute” – a major consideration for some renters, and not for others.

  • Knowing how ungodly loud the Looking Glass Lounge tends to get, I’m going to suggest that it’s a good place for someone who works at night and sleeps during the day.

  • Not worth the $! Cheapo, bare-bones kitchen. No dishwasher. Teeny, tiny bedrooms. The noise. ‘S a rip-off.

    • Um, it does have a dishwasher. Even if it didn’t, I’m not sure how you could realistically call a cherry/granite/stainless kitchen ‘bare bones’.

      Not saying this makes it a good deal. I’m just saying the criteria that you have identified aren’t true.

  • That is the space abovce the former Yoga House – two floors above. In the early days of Yoga House, when Looking Glass lounge was Temperance Hall, you could hear and feel the music from the bar during yoga classes on the second floor. Not sure how much noise travels to the opt floor where this apartment is.
    Prospective tenants might want to check in with the owners of Looking Glass lounge because the word on the street is that they plan to expand to the second floor. Two floors above a bar might be okay, but one floor? Probably not for most people, and not for $2200/mo.

  • This space is where Yoga House used to be located. It can be quite loud on the second floor – but not so much on third floor – which is pictured. There is a very good and peaceful vibe in that space, though… (Yoga House is expected to reopen on 11th St. early in 2011.)

  • I’d have to regretfully say the immediate neighborhood would be a concern to me regardless of the Price. I’m fine visiting the Looking Glass Lounge, but living on that part of Georgia ave is too sketchy for me…

    Give it a few more years without any more affordable housing projects and maybe it would be a go!

    • It’s good that you’re honest about how you feel, but how you feel about my neighborhood are just your feelings and not as real as your fear is letting you think it is.

      • it’s not like it’s some bucolic glen. sometimes a persons sense of “sketchy” is not just fear, but the an annoyance at the constant barrage to your senses that some areas can be.

      • It’s all relative. You may very well think it’s nicer/safer than it really is.

  • noise is a major concern and i do mean major. often times while at the yoga studio the thumping from looking glass lounge caused my visits to be unbearable. so i stopped doing yoga there. i think living there could be really unpleasant if one is sensitive to noise. during the evening hours forget about enjoying a peaceful quiet evening or having quality of life.

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