Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – SW Waterfront

This rental is located at 1250 4th Street SW:

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The listing says:

“1 Bedroom condo in SW-Waterfront. Part of the Carrollsburg Condos. The condos feature a community party room and secluded swimming pool. All of this and within short blocks from the Metro, Freeway, Waterfront, 1 Block Away Safeway, CVS, and MORE!!!”

Does $1,400 sound reasonable?

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  • this is teeeeensy! $1400 is insane!

  • totally agreed – perhaps in a few years when the waterfront undergoes a major redevelopment but till then – this is at least $100 overpriced – that kitchen is TINY!

  • It looks HUGE to me! Oops, it’s those mirrors that makes me think it’s twice as big.

  • I live in that development, in an better renovated apt with the same floor plan (but no parking space) and pay $1200. And I can have pets and my unit is rent-controlled. So I say bad deal, though it’s not far off.

    • Agreed that $1200/month sounds more appropriate. I used to live 4 blocks from here and my roommate and I paid $1600 for a whole rowhouse.

  • Dis apartment gets a double-dose of downgrayedd. despite the ill jams in the video the place is all small and dirty. and I cud see it smellin like stuff. I’d pay $100 a month and use it as my personal hoe-tel.

  • is this a joke? maybe $1400 if this was located on top of the dupont circle metro and came with morning bj’s… but in this location and looking the way it does – hell to the no.

  • Why does the SW area cost so much?

  • While I think it’s slightly overpriced, I think it’s hard to find a 1 BR for under$ 1400 that’s this close to a metro and isn’t a basement- if anyone knows where to find such a place, do tell!

  • The music choice on the video made me LOL.

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