Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Cleveland Park

This rental is located at 2755 Ordway St NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Charming studio apartment with big window, great layout. Steps from Cleveland Park (red line) Metro, fitness club, movie theater, grocery store, post office, library, restaurants, and more! Secure building with key fob or call-in access. Apartment is on 3rd floor, although because the building is built on a hill, the main lobby entrance is on the same level, and the picture window is equivalent to five floors up.

Electricity and water are included in the rent.”

Does $1300 sound reasonable for this studio?

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  • Sounds about right for the area. I used to live around there and paid $1375 for a well-sized studio with all utilities included.

  • Lived in this building for 5 years (moved out last month) and paid $1085; if $1300 is good the area then we had the best landlords out there

    • No, you just benefitted from DC’s rent control laws. I’d guess that this apartment had a similarly long term tenant and now that the studio is vacated the landlords are looking for market-rate rent.

  • Left Cleeps about 3 years ago; at the time I paid in the high 12s for a comparable place about 3 blocks up Conn. Only caveat: that firehouse is loud, and since it’s on a major avenue, every call goes out with full siren.

  • does anyone else think it’s strange that the metro is on the wrong block in this map?

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