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  • The odd thing is that the child who stole it all, only 2, can’t read! hahahaha

  • When my son was born 6 weeks ago someone stole a balloon from our front stoop that said, “It’s a Boy!” The strangest things…

  • Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • We saw the guy putting up the web the other day (and then the final product) and were impressed. This sucks.

  • If you make a habit of stealing “fake” giant arachnids and “replica” ruthless killers, you’re bound to make a terrible mistake eventually.

  • just went outside to rescue my giant electric pumpkin thing that my wife put out today. I can see it walking away too.

  • It’s probably the same jackass that stole my grill-sucks!

  • We have had stuff stolen, but at the same time, we had someone fleeing from the Po Po throw a loaded Glock into our back yard.

    DC is one of those need a penny take a penny, have a penny leave a penny type cities.

  • Yet another in the thousands of examples of why DC’s motto should be “DC: No Home Training.”

  • Oh this makes me so sad. Who wants to go in on a giant replacement spider?

  • hahaha. till the neighbors start getting uppity about what kind of decorations you put out, lobby to become an historic district and ban anything beyond beige.

  • I am telling you – SMALL CRIMES (petty thief, jaywalking, littering, and car break-ins, etc…) are acceptable to the people in our neighborhood.

    Its sad and embarrassing – no wonder people look down on this part of town.

    Great parents no doubt…

    • I grew up in a suburban neighborhood in Ohio and every single year we had jack-o-lanterns smashed to pieces and Halloween and Christmas decorations stolen, or we knew someone on the street who had. This is not a matter of it being “acceptable” in one part of the city versus another. It’s just an unfortunate reality that there are jerks everywhere. I feel sad for the kid, though. I love pirates. Spiders, not so much.

      • Oh get real. Of course you did. So did I. But did you also have plastic bags, chicken bones, beer cans, and Wendy’s wrappers floating down the street? Did people routinely shout at each other on the street in the evenings in front of your neighbor’s houses? Was drug dealing prevalent? Did minor disagreements between teenagers result in regular shootings? Of course not, because you lived in an orderly society.

        Teenagers will be teenagers. Teenagers with good parents in decent neighborhoods will feel bad about shortly thereafter, then go off to college or get a job. Teenagers will no parents in a disorderly neighborhood won’t, because who the F- cares about this place anyway, amirite? We’re talking about orders of magnitude of difference. We can improve this neighborhood by fixing the small stuff, and you know that’s what Frankie was talking about.

        • No, I didn’t. And that’s why I’m saying you can’t equate a couple Halloween decorations being stolen with the kinds of crime and disregard for neighbors and neighborhoods you laid out. Halloween decorations are stolen in every neighborhood in the country. Frankie’s the one being naive and talking about an entirely different kind of problem.

    • jaywalking???? how is jaywalking in the same category as car break-ins?

      • SMALL CRIMES (petty thief, jaywalking, littering, and car break-ins, etc…)

        People can actually be killed doing this. Have you not been watching the news lately with all the hit and runs.

        My point is, this type of stuff is acceptable as NICE has noted (almost defending the violation.) I am only speaking of my neighborhood near GA Metro. I have no idea about this in other areas.

        When you stand for nothing for you fall for everything.

        • actually, jaywalking makes drivers more aware and is safer for pedestrians.


        • I never said, nor implied it was acceptable. What I said is that it happens and it happens everywhere and it is not indicative of the decline of western civilization. If you need evidence of that, I’d point to the thousands of neighborhoods this happens in all over the country that aren’t battlegrounds in gang wars. If you think MPD locking up a kid for stealing a giant plastic spider (or issue jaywalking tickets…seriously jaywalking is why people look down on Shaw?) is going to stop anyone from getting shot or mugged in Shaw, Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights, or anywhere else in DC, you really have a naive perspective on violent crime.

          • All good points. I think the OP was probably trying to make the broader point that the “broken window” theory of crime –the concept that acceptance of smaller crimes leads to bigger crimes –shouldn’t be ignored.

            Whether or not that’s the case here, if you think that someone wakes up some day and simply decides to start committing big crimes (murder, carjacking, robbery) with no history of petty crimes, is laughable. In the “magic suburbs” petty crime doesn’t build to major crime as acutely as it does in the city. Therefore we need to deal with it more aggressively ( aggressively in terms of finding out who’s committing the acts and dealing in an appropriate way) if we want to have a city that’s safe for vulnerable populations to be safe in.

            You really do have to address petty crimes if you want to prevent someone from slipping past the point of no return. That doesn’t require throwing 15 year olds in jail, but it sure as heck requires more discipline than is currently applied. Adult criminals recruit kids to do their dirty work because of the sentencing leniency. That’s the entire basis of organized gang recruitment.

            Teens are more prone to flirting with society’s rules because they are developing an internal set of morals to live by. If they’re encouraged by an adult with bad interests at heart and/or their actions are excused because of larger political/sociological arguments, they will lose the chance to develop a sense of right and wrong. It’s not that DC’s kids are naturally any worse than anywhere else, it’s that their is a larger concentration of bad adults around them and a more socially permissive atmosphere to minor crimes. It’s a crappy way to grow up, even if as an adult you think it’s not too bad to live here.

  • If I see anyone holding hands with a pirate and a giant spider… I will be sure to say something to the authorities.

  • I currently live in DC but grew up in a very suburban & safe neighborhood. I remember as a little kid some teens stole all of our jak-o-lanterns. I just remember bawling my eyes out.

    My point is every neighborhood & town has it’s share of jackasses.

  • I saw your decorations and they are cool – happy to hear you are getting them. That camera is paying off right?

  • john, your current ‘hood has more jackasses, many more. might they be cruisin’ the streets with your bike, etc.?

  • Ahh I feel terrible for this guy. I saw him at the start of decorating and again when he was finishing up…took a couple of hours. Hope this is the end of the theft on his property!

  • Wish I’d thought of that when someone stole my three-year-old’s little red wagon off the porch.

  • Oh that Kathy Henderson just cracks me up!

  • I blame the parents. Some of them in this town are ridiculuous. Just today, a woman was screaming on her cell phone, using all sorts of obscenities, all while holding the hand of her school-aged daughter (why she wasn’t in school at 11:00am, I don’t know). I’ve seen parents encourage their kids to fight other kids and throw trash on the ground. Animal behavior begets animal behavior. Vicious cycle.

  • Awesome. We need to do more of this – show their faces so everyone knows they are a loser.

  • A new giant spider has been procured and is sitting on the web. The thief was so bold that he/she actually had to step behind the bushes to unplug the old one. This one is tied down pretty well……hope that it stays put!

  • I’m the owner of this house. We put a replacement up on Sunday and someone cut it out of the web (also destroying the web) sometime last night or early this morning. My husband spent a few hours securing it with fishing line and purposely hanging it out of arm’s reach, which we thought would be enough, but I guess not. If anyone sees two large inflatable black spiders with pink lights inside – and a skeleton pirate – hmmmmmm……….

  • I had a birthday balloon stolen from my front gate this summer. A mother walked by, untied the balloon, and handed it to her kid. The entire party was looking on out through the window. Everyone was in disbelief…I guess that goes to show you, you shouldn’t have a birthday balloon past the age of 11…

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