Fire Box Memorial

We’ve seen lots of Fire Box art but this is the first memorial I’ve seen. It’s from Georgia Ave near Howard University. I thought it was cool how it still had the phone in it so you can see what one of these used to look like:

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  • I am surprised to see it has survived for so long without being scavenged.

  • I wonder if he was killed in the war, rather than in fighting a fire in DC? I’ve searched through the Post, but can’t find any mention of him.

    • Given that he’s listed as “Private,” sounds more likely that he was a war casualty. Probably a firefighter that got drafted/enlisted for the effort.

  • From DCFD Engine 4’s website:

    Unfortunately, since the inception of the company, three members have been killed in the line of duty. On October 14th, 1911, Captain Timothy J. Brown and Private Michael A. Downs were killed while operating on the roof of 618 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. (Box 16). On July 4th, 1944, Private Joseph A. Carter, Jr. succumb to his injuries sustained in the line of duty while operating at 2214 Georgia Avenue, N.W., when he fell from a roof at that location (Box 822). All of these men have been eternally remembered on Engine 4’s current rig (S169), the sitting room wall/table and by a restored box and pedestal located at Georgia Avenue and W Street, N.W. (Joseph A. Carter, Jr. – Box 822).

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