Dr. K’s Vintage Clothing Opens Up at 1534 U St, NW

We learned back in late Sept. that Dr. K’s Vintage Clothing would be opening up at 1534 U St, NW and I’m happy to say they are now open for business. I spoke briefly with owner, Som Kiat, who takes his collecting very seriously. You’ll see denim from the 1870s and some very very cool stuff. At the moment the credit card machine is not hooked up so only cash and check is accepted for another week or so. To buy or to browse it’s def. worth checking out. And most def. a great addition to U St, NW.

Denim behind glass from 1870s

Lots more photos after the jump.

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  • this place looks awesome!

    any note on the pricing?

  • Anyone know the hours of operation?

  • Yeah! Love having another vintage store in town!

  • Will they buy from walk-in customers, also? Or by appointment?

  • I found the pricing to be pretty reasonable. Vintage tees are around $15. Winter jackets were around $100 but these are quality, sometimes Navy-issue pea coats. Pricing definitely varied by item. I got a beautiful silk dress (metal zipper, union tag, and all) for $40.

  • Hey – I stopped by pretty late on Saturday night (like around 10:00 pm) and it was still open. Didn’t realize it was brand new. Definitely cool and they have a decent men’s selection (which is pretty rare)

  • This is Dr. K’s Vintage with a quick update regarding credit cards acceptance in our store: We can now accept all major credit cards (i.e., Visa, MC, AmEx, Diners, Discovery, and any banks issued cc). The only exception is that if we run a Debit card it will be charged as a Credit transaction. And all sales are FINAL!, no refund…sorry!!!

    Thank you.

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