Dogs by Day and Green Pets Becomes Planet Pet – Opens at 1711 Florida Ave, NW

Back in mid-August we learned that Dogs by Day and Green Pets would be moving from the 1700 block of 14th St, NW.

This past weekend I walked by the new location of Planet Pet. I was surprised to see that it shares space with that huge parking garage. Glad to see they found a new home though.

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  • I went to check this out over the weekend, and walked past the new location twice before realizing Planet Pet is now located in a parking garage! Seems very weird to me. There are no windows, and the inside feels like, well, a parking garage, or maybe the back room of a high school gym. Quite bizarre. I was impressed by their selection of cat products. Seems like one of the only places in the city that actually stocks cat stuff (although still only about 1/4 of the dog section, sigh).

    I doubt they’ll get the same walk-in business that they did on 14th. Definitely a weird place for a store.

    • I sadly agree. They had such a nice quaint shop on 14th. I can’t imagine why they chose such an unattractive location.

  • Where did the cats that used to sleep in the window of Greenpets get moved to? They were the best.

  • The new location is definitely not as home-y as the 14th street one, but it feels much larger! And it’s closer to my apartment than the older location, so I’m happy about that.

    What’s also interesting, is that there are now four pet-related businesses all within a small stretch–Doggie Style, City Dogs, Fur Get Me Not (dog wash place), and Planet Pet. It’s great for pet owners in the area!

  • I’m pretty sure the location on Florida Ave is just the day care and that they’re opening an additional spot down 14th St towards P for just products. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s the impression I got from the info they provided clients.

    • Right now what was Green Pets is all set up there as a store along with the day care–not sure if they’re planning on staying there, but it looks like it.

      I think the owner is opening a separate place on P Street as well to sell products under a different name, but the store that’s at Planet Pet will stay there.

  • Has anyone used them for doggie daycare or boarding? I’m wondering if they have an open play area or kennels, how much they cost, etc. Their website doesn’t have much info.

    • i haven’t been since they swapped locations, but i made occasional (1-2x a month) use of the daycare at dogs by day at their old location. the people there are super nice, they have a screening process to make sure dogs are well socialized before allowing them in. it was 4 bucks an hour, which is INCREDIBLY reasonable considering that most walkers charge 16 bucks a walk (which is about 20-30 minutes). it’s a big open play area with dog beds around the perimeter. they’ll feed and/or medicate your dog for extra if needed. i’d highly recommend them.

    • We haven’t used them in a while for doggie daycare, since it’s no longer on our route to work, but for a long time it was the only thing that kept out crazy mutt manageable. We just couldn’t manage to get her enough exercise any other way. Now we mainly use them for boarding, or when we need to get her out of the house for a couple of hours due to guests or something, but I highly recommend it for both. The people are great – some have been there since it opened and most have been there for several years – and they seem to really like what they do. They do not have any kennels; all the boarding is in the playroom and then they have a “sleeping area” that’s staffed overnight. I’d so much rather pay their $48 for that than the same, or a little less, to have my dog cooped up in a kennel 23 hours of each day…

  • Is there still a parking garage in there too?

  • We were regular users of Dogs by Day and plan on continuing to use Planet Pet for daycare and boarding. I would higly recommend them. The people who work there are great. My dog loves going there to play with the other dogs and she always comes home completely worn out.

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