Dear PoP – Unclogging a Sewer Line Follow Up, Props to DC Water

“Dear PoP,

I wanted to provide an update on my clogged main line sewer pipe.

The highlight of the story is that DC Water said three weeks ago that they would be back in about a month to replace my sewer line. Well here we are about a month later and the crew was at my house early this morning. Everyone was very nice and they are replacing the entire line up to my house. I’ve included some pictures of the work to show what a big job this is for them. I am so relieved to have this issue dealt with and I’m so thankful to have a DC utility acting promptly and fulfilling their promise.”

Important to give props when props are due!

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  • I noticed DC water has been out (and visible) in force with Trucks and what might be a new logo? They look like they got a recent (maybe much needed) funding bump. Regardless, I’m happy to hear something positive about DC Public works.

    I will never complain about my taxes being used for schools water, power, Police, and (necessary) road repairs.

  • How did you get them to replace the entire line up to your house? The way I understand it the homeowner is responsible for the half that goes into the home. If there’s a way to get them to replace that please let us know!

    • If it was the front of the house, the utility is often responsible up to the facade. This is because you don’t often own the land in front of your house.

    • ah

      DCWater (WASA) is responsible for the portion up to the property line, which perhaps is the front wall of the row houses in that area.

      If not, ssshhhhh.

  • A hole that deep definitely requires shoring. If anyone at OSHA sees this post these guys and their foreman are humped.

  • Holy crap, that’s a deep hole! Almost to China.

  • Reminds me to say hooray for the Chilean miners, as the story still unfolds, and hooray for DC water.

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