Dear PoP – Taste of Tivoli North on Saturday

Thanks to all who sent word about the Taste of Tivoli North. Sound fun.

Taste of Tivoli North: Saturday, October 16th, 12-6pm

“Tivoli North Business Association, with help from our businesses, neighbors, CHSFSC’s Green Team, Neighbor’s Consejo, Councilmember Graham, and DC Government Agencies, hosts the “Taste of Tivoli North”, a community based event, on Saturday, October 16th, 2010 from 12 to 6pm on Spring Road between 14th and 13th Streets, NW.

Taste of Tivoli North aims to showcase talent of our surrounding community, attract neighbors to meet local business owners, and highlight cleanliness, safety, and beautification.”

For those who’d like to revisit the branding of Tivoli North you can read about the debate here, here, here and here.

Regardless of the name this sounds like a great event!

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  • I think that the block should really be cleaned up first before they have any event. Things get a bit shady up there, lots of “loafers” just hangout all day. Not a very pretty couple of blocks.

    • Have you been there in awhile? I live near Spring & Holmead and that area is no different than Holmead & Park in terms of aesthetics, loiterers, etc.

  • yay 16th Street Heights!

  • I think it is funny that they have a couple of businesses on their flyer that I believe have gone out of business. I live right near there and with all due respect to the defender from Spring and Holmead, the blocks from about Social down are much crappier and shadier than up by the metro.

  • All I know is they need a new graphic designer! Those fliers are very confusing. There are no clear hierarchies of text size/color etc to suggest which text is most important.

    Good luck to them!

  • yay, Moonfarmers!!

  • I live a block from where this will take place and I have no idea what “Teegest” is (and can’t find it online). Anyone have insight?

  • was an interesting fest. bands were ok…but MANY of the restaurants and bakeries listed were not even there.
    however, they still managed to have more food than the columbia heights day festival

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