Dear PoP – Let’s get Tom the Egg Guy to YES! Organic Market

Photo of ‘deviled eggs at 2amys’ by PoPville flickr user laurarotondo

“Dear PoP,

I have been meaning to write you for a couple of weeks about Tom the Egg Guy, who is at the Petworth Farmer’s Market. I have been getting my eggs from him, as well as many of our neighbors, since the market started. I love his eggs and attempt to let everyone about how delicious they are. Apparently he also goes to the DuPont Farmer’s Market as well. Now, with our Farmer’s Market ending in a couple of weeks, I have been worried about how I am going to survive the winter without them. I asked Tom if he sold his eggs anywhere in town and he said no, but that he was considering talking to YES! Organic Market about maybe carrying his eggs. I told Tom I would request that at the store as well. I am going to ask Tom this week if he has talked to anyone at the store yet, but in the mean time, if you can help me reach out to more of the Petworth population, to please ask YES! to carry his eggs the next time they are in the store, the more requests they get the more they will consider the suggestion (at least this is what Gary Cha-owner has said that part of his business philosophy is to be responsive to his customers). Please help me be able to get the best eggs I have ever tasted year round. I doubt I am the only person who would be willing to purchase a dozen a week. The store has a suggestion book, I wrote up my request in there.”

I also happen to be a fan of Tom so I think this would be great. I never thought I could tell the difference between eggs but his really are awesome. In addition to the instore suggestion book, you can contact YES! Organic Market on-line here. Any other fans of Tom?

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  • I’m intrigued. I’ve been going with Polyface Farm Eggs (featured in “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”), which are sold at Timor Bodega. Are these even better?

  • i second the polyface/tom’s question!

  • Tom is year round at Dupont. I know it’s not in the neighborhood like the Petworth market or the nearest Yes but there is a way to get Tom’s eggs year round. I just moved out the city 2 weeks ago and Tom and his eggs are some of the things I miss the most! He’s such a nice guy and his eggs really are worth getting whenever you need eggs. Never had the Polyface, but Tom sometimes has duck eggs which are also good.

  • This was sent on the Petworth listserve a couple days ago.

    Tom Hubric, owner of Waterview Eggs, one of the vendors at the Petworth Market told me yesterday at the Market about being at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market (Sundays – he’ll be there tomorrow) and having two Secret Service-looking guys approach him one Sunday while he was selling his eggs. He felt uncomfortable until the security gentleman said they simply wanted to talk to him about his eggs. They left, returning a short time later guarding a distinguished-looking gentleman. That gentleman identified himself.
    “I am the President of Colombia. I am visiting Washington. I just had some of your eggs for breakfast. They were among the most delicious eggs I ever tasted. I was so impressed that I wanted to tell you myself.”
    The Colombian President minutes before had been eating breakfast and asked his chef where the eggs came from. The chef replied “The Dupont Circle Farmers Market….”
    Dupont Circle Farmers Market

    Waterview Eggs – Home of the Pampered Pullet (MDA-MD544 – MD. Dept of Ag. Lic #)Tom and Patty Hubric20108 Nanticoke Road Nanticoke, MD 21840410-873-3346
    Petworth Market
    Embassy of Colombia

  • Is Tom the guy who just sells eggs, near the seafood stand at Dupont? I really like his eggs too, and he is a nice guy. Glad to hear he is year-round at Dupont.

  • Tom’s eggs are great! They’re definitely the best tasting eggs I’ve ever bought, and since I started buying them from him I find myself eating a lot more eggs. I probably go through close to a dozen a week.

  • Tom, and his eggs, rock! Bring him to Yes!! Cmon Gary, lets get this done.

  • Someone should warn Tom to bring extra eggs this weekend.

    Seriously though – I wonder if there is a “PoP effect” on local business traffic? I’m not a statistician, but I’m guessing it’s not insignificant.

  • This post keeps reminding me of the “egg man” scenes from Pink Flamingos.

  • An aside. I have noted that the YES in Petworth carries fertilized eggs. Do fertilzed eggs taste any different?

  • Sounds like lots of people would commit to a dozen eggs a week – What about a subscription/delivery service – with Tom doing a drop-off in Petworth/CH (on his way to Dupont Market) that would then be delivered door-to-door by a hired local person? A 2 hour delivery circuit at $20.00/hr. would still only cost a total of $160.00 a month. I don’t know what the comparable profit margin would be for Tom to sell to Yes – so I could be way off base. But I bet there are some retired people who would love a job as a weekly “eggman.”

  • A couple of weeks ago right after purchasing some of Tom’s eggs from the market, I stopped in Yes to buy a few additional items and ran across Mr. Cha. I told him that the eggs were really great and that we would buy them from Yes if he would carry them. He didn’t seem too interested to me and my husband.

    I agree. I think he has really good eggs and I would love to be able to buy them year round in my own neighborhood.

  • Tom is the BEST and has great eggs. I hope we can get them at the Yes (he mentioned it to me the other day), although I’ve noticed that the Yes is sometimes inconsistent about what they carry (ie I find something I love and then it goes away: it’s happened a few times to me). Anyway, I would buy them if I could get them there!

  • I’ve been a customer for quite some time now, and I cannot stress enough how delicious Tom’s eggs are!!

    I’ve never seen whites, so white; and yolks so yellow.
    Not to mention, the strength of the egg shells too!
    I’ll do my best to find these eggs wherever Tom will be; no salmonella risk for my family!

    We have a new Incredible-edible egg in town, folks. Lets do our best to keep Tom around. I really don’t want to have to eat any ‘discount’ eggs anymore. They taste empty to me, now that I know that ALL EGGS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! lol 😉

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