Dear PoP – How Do I get this out of my House?

“Dear PoP,

How do I get this gas fireplace stove out of my house? I have never used it because I have never been able to figure out how to cut the darn thing on. Now I just want it gone, but I can’t figure out how to remove it. Maybe your readers have suggestions or recommendations?”

It’s trash removal week here on Dear PoP. Any ideas for something like this? Anytime you mess with gas, I’d recommend calling in a professional. Maybe get a guy who fixes boilers to remove it? Is this something that can be done on your own?

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  • Have someone licensed turn the gas off and unhook it for you. If what you have is what is in this picture, your appliance weighs about 300 lbs! I have the exact same thing. It took 3 people to move into my house. You can probably get a decent price on Craigslist.

  • 1.) Disable the gas supply to the stove (trace the gas supply to find the valve, if you are unsure consult a professional)
    2.) Remove the sleeve in back that connects it to chimney vent (probably via screwdriver or adjustable wrench)
    3.) Disassemble the stove as much as possible to reduce weight
    4.) Haul it outside

    Did I miss anything?

  • For gas/electric stuff, I believe, you are supposed to get a permit…

    • I’m also supposed to get a permit if I swap out my toilet… fat chance.

      Either be smart and do it yourself or hire it out if you won’t.

  • call a licensed plumber, they are usually the ones to handle gas lines.

  • Dude, those things are super nice. Once its unhooked you could probably get some nice cash for it.

  • just learn to turn it on man. they are nice and kick out some heat.

  • Burn it with Fire!? Oh wait… that won’t work.

  • I’ll take it! Looks really nice!

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