Curbside Cookoff Kicks off Thurs. Oct. 7th

Thanks to all for sending the reminder. From DCRA:

“The District’s 20 most popular street vendors will converge in downtown DC on October 7 and 8 for two full days of art, music, dance and of course the best food the vendors have to offer.

The Department of Consumer and Affairs (DCRA), in proud partnership with the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Brightest Young Things, and the Downtown BID, presents the city’s first annual Curbside Cookoff.

The event is being held at CityCenterDC, the site of the old Washington Convention Center, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on October 7 and 8. Admission is free and open to everyone.

Details including the vendors after the jump.

The vendors invited to participate were selected from a week-long online open voting process and the vendors chosen can satisfy anyone’s cravings including:

* Red Hook Lobster Truck
* DC Slices
* District Taco
* Eat Wonky
* BBQ Bandidos
* Yellow Cart
* Pedro and Vinny’s Burrito Cart
* Curbside Cupcakes
* DC Empanadas
* Eat Sauca
* El Floridano
* Fojol Bros.
* Food Chain DC
* Fry Captain
* Yellow Truck
* Pleasant Pops
* Rebel Heroes
* Sweet Bites
* Sweetflow Mobile
* Takorean

Attendees will be able to vote for their favorite vendor on-site via paper ballot and via American Idol-style SMS text messaging. More details on the voting process will be announced in the next few days.

Brightest Young Things (BYT) is sponsoring a happy hour beer garden sponsored by Flying Dog after work on both days. They also mentioned something about a Winnebago. More details coming from BYT.

Curbside Culture: Not Just Food

The curbside is a place of gathering where people come together to share in cultural expression. And, at the heart of that sharing are two key ingredients: good food and a good time.

To create an arts experience that moves people (literally) to relax, enjoy themselves is what the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities aims to do. Bringing together the highest forms of art mixed in with popular and indigenous cultural themes with a dynamic food experience.

Thursday, October 7, 2010
Curbside Cool: A relaxing afternoon of music and mural art from djRBI and Grafitti Artists Tim Conlon and Decoy. Also, featuring “in the crowd” performances by the “Acro-Yogis,” “The Light” and “Pastorale.”

Curbside Classics: A Dance Party through the Decades from featuring dj RBI in a dj exposition chronicling popular dance hall hits from the 50s/60s, 70s/80s, 90s/now paired with dance demonstrations for crowd participation in hand dancing, break-dancing, popping and locking, and line dancing. Artists include Markus Smith of the National Hand Dance Association and Beat Ya Feet Kings. And, to spice up the crowd, percussive music and dance including “The Human Beatbox” Christylz Bacon and tap with Quynn Johnson.

Friday, October 8, 2010
Curbside Cool: A calming afternoon of music and yoga with Yoga Artist Julie Eisenberg. There’s a yoga pose to help you digest all that food you’re sampling! In the crowd, more artists to keep the cool vibe include the “Acro-Yogis” and Pastorale.

Curbside Culture: An electrifying experience of percussive dance and drum featuring a stage performance by Farafina Kan and dance demonstrations with crowd participation by Sahara Dance and Farafina Kan.

For both events, crowds will be treated to an innovative sculpture presentation by Mark Jenkins.”

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  • “….The event is being held at CityCenterDC….”

    It has a nice name, but wouldn’t it be nice if this open space between 9th & 11th and H & NY NW remained as an open space?

    Our Zócalo, a public plaza for the District of Columbia for a variety of temporary events… festivals, farmers’ markets, carnivals, sporting events, concerts, rallies, seasonal celebrations..New Year’s, Holiday Markets, Oktoberfests, etc.

    There have been some great events already at CityCenterDC over the past few years, let’s keep it that way.

    Hugh national events would still occur on the Mall & marches on Pennsylvania Ave. But CityCenterDC could be the place for our local events.

    Maybe less disruptive and better security there instead of closing off PA Ave for festival events.

    Does the City really need to sell off this wonderful open space to developers for more boring office space?

    Let’s give some soul & spirit to DC with CityCenterDC!

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