Construction to Start at YMCA Project 14th and W St, NW

Thanks to all who forwarded the news from CM Jim Graham:

“More good news. Bob Cohen of Perseus Realty testified just minutes ago at a Council Hearing (in response to my questions) that the Anthony Bowen YMCA project at 14th and W “anticipates being able to start construction before the end of the year.” Thus the long awaited new YMCA, and enhanced retail and residential for the U Street area will be realized.

There will be much more on this in the near future. But this breakthrough is very good news.”

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  • Sucks, it is going to cover my view of the city

  • “anticipates being able to start construction before the end of the year”

    Can you get any more vague than that? Until I see actual working going on at that site, I will not believe that it’s going to happen. I would have asked Mr. Cohen which year he was talking about when he said “end of the year.”

  • Please, please, please, please, make a decent gym so I don’t have to go to WSC anymore.

  • When will Perseus start paying property taxes like the rest of us? Didn’t Graham get them a big handout?

  • He sued the city for some zoning/tax break/funding issue they screwed up and they gave him free land near the CSX tracks south of Congressional Cemetery overlooking the Anacostia so he has been busy with that. Maybe Graham’s office can elaborate.

  • Any news on this project is awesome! Please be true…

  • We don’t need more high-rise modern condos in the neighborhood, we need community leaders who are sincere about preserving the U-Street area and what it stood for. The Anthony Bowen YMCA was an important part of the African-American community that made up the U-Street area before it was discovered by developers and late-night revelers. It was a lifeline for impoverished families and a place of support for abused children, or single mothers. Although I have only lived in the neighborhood for 7 years, I learned very quickly the importance of the Anthony Bowen YMCA to the community. I miss the Tiger Marching Band practising on a Saturday morning. Instead, they closed the doors and pushed the children of the Hillcrest Children’s Center to places where they are out of the way. I guess none of these families will be able to afford to go to the fancy new YMCA now.

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