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  • Second the congrats to all the hardcore and boerderline insane people who ran the marathon. My partner has ran two, and I get sore just watching it. But still a hell of a feat.

  • My brother in law ran this race two years ago. He’s an elite runner (came in at 3.56), so we were at the start of the starting line.

    As the sister of two veterans, the most emotional thing I have ever seen was a young vet (20? 21? super young) who had lost both legs, so he was in the wheelchair race. Two of his Marine buddies came up and found him – seemed like they hadn’t seen him since they were deployed. It was a heart wrenching reunion. I have a new appreciation of this race ever since.

  • that helicopter looks super close to the ground and scary! Congrats to all who ran whether you finished or not.

  • Hopefully that’s 2:56, or that’s not very elite

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