Columbia Heights Scuttlebutt – New Gym Could be Coming to 11th and Park Rd, NW

Whenever we talk about the Washington Sports Club located in DC USA in Columbia Heights it brings up strong opinions. For those who aren’t huge fans you may soon have another option. It has come to my attention that the second floor of the building currently home to Meridian Pint at 11th and Park Road, NW may welcome a gym to the second floor. Obviously the space is much smaller than a WSC so I wouldn’t expect a swimming pool or anything but it’ll be interesting to see if this develops. How much square feet do you think is necessary for a proper gym?

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  • I don’t think it’s big enough for Gym with a capital G, but you could probably build out a nice Yoga space there or maybe a Crossfit type gym with minimal equipment. An LA Boxing would be great too.

    • A yoga studio above or sharing a common wall with a bar is a bad idea. Exhibit 1 is Yoga House on Georgia Ave. Great studio (it has since left the space) but not the most tranquil of settings when Looking Glass Lounge (which was Temperance when the studio first opened) was in full swing.

  • Maybe WSC can use it to outsource more cardio equipment. A satellite campus if you will.

  • Wow, interesting! Please keep us posted with any details of who is involved / what their concept is. That would be a great way to generate more foot traffic on 11th Street throughout the day, as opposed to just in the evening. The space certainly isn’t huge, but enough for a kind of small personal-training focused endeavor with lots of multi-purpose equipment / focus on core training and so on (there are a few of those down in Logan).

  • fingers crossed!!!!

  • This should be a boxing or crossfit-like gym (or similar to Hard Training on Kalorama). Something for people who actually like working out hard and don’t watch TV while doing it.

  • Cross-fit could maybe work in that space. I’d consider joining.

  • Bring it on!

  • I heard this might be the px90 flagship studio.

  • WSC satellite could work. Work off calories upstairs then restore them downstairs.

    Synergy, baby.

  • I wish Petworth had a gym. Nothing fancy, just a place where i could run and lift some weights.

  • I wish there was a gym in Near Northeast. There is nothing available on H Street.

  • Slightly off topic: Seems like I heard a rumor that Results was gonna open a location at 13th and Taylor or thereabouts, but I kinda doubt it now, since they seem to be closing their other spots. (Any word on that PoP?)

    Personally I think (selfishly) that this would be a great spot for a FitnessFirst-type gym (small to medium size, with great customer responsiveness).

    +1 that the Meridian Pint location would be a great spot for a small, intense gym for hard workouts like CrossFit or something.


  • What most of you need isn’t a gym, it’s a Jim. As in, some big dude called Jim, who beats on you if you don’t finish running up the exorcist stairs 20 times in a row. This city has plenty of natural options for exercise. If you need a gym, then you need to reassess your goals in life and physical phitness.

    • phil, great blanket statement on how folks should exercise. what a lame preachy ass thing to say. maybe folks like swimming? and not swimming in the potomac or anacostia? or folks like to play basketball on an indoor court? get over yourself.

  • God I would love a new gym …. I think the service at WSC is terrible … equipment always broken, etc. etc. …. but jumping ship for a spot that will IMMEDIATELY be crammed even worse is NOT a good idea.

  • I would also love a real gym in the area – WSC is terrible but the only game in this part of the city.

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